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'Prison of Christ' reopens to pilgrims in Jerusalem

Sun 10 Feb 2019
By Alex Williams

Visitors are being allowed back to a place in Jerusalem where some people believe Jesus was held captive prior to his crucifixion.

The 'Prison of Christ' chapel had been closed to tourists for a number of years while repairs were carried out following a fire which caused significant damage.

A senior official from the Greek Orthodox Church told the AFP news agency: "It is in this prison that Jesus was detained after he carried the cross along the Via Dolorosa.


"Since the end of January, it has once again become a place of prayer and contemplation."

Tradition has it that pits dug into rock within the chapel were used to bind Jesus' feet. Today, they are protected by a window casing.

Britchi Mirela/Wikimedia Commons


The 'Prison of Christ' forms part of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre - a major site for Christian pilgrimage, particularly during Easter.

Some people believe the landmark - located in the Christian quarter of the Old City - marks the place where Jesus was put to death and buried.


Different parts of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre are overseen by different churches - Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Armenian.

The 'Prison of Christ' comes under the authority of the Greek Orthodox Church.


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