Stripper and pastor team up to help children impacted by immigration raids

Tue 20 Aug 2019
By Tola Mbakwe

An American stripper and pastor from Oregon have partnered to offer help to children whose families have been detained by immigration officials.

The unlikely pair linked up after 680 undocumented immigrants were detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Mississippi earlier this month in what was the largest single-state immigration raid in US history.

Dawn McCall, the dancer, and Rev Adam Ericksen from Clackamas United Church of Christ discussed the "Our Kids Charity Campaign" in a Facebook video using the hashtag #SinnersandSaints.


McCall, also known as Blu Dawn said: "As an atheist, I know it seems super weird that strippers would do anything with the church for any reason, however, this is Portland and we keep it weird."

Rev Ericksen said in response to McCall: "And I think it's awesome."


The pair said they were "pretty devastated" by children being separated from their parents so they decided to link up and start the campaign.

They are raising money by selling t-shirts and postcards with designs created by McCalls former colleague.

TeamBLU Charity T-Shirt


All of the proceeds from sales will go to Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance.

In addition to the campaign, Rev Ericksen has encouraged his congregation to donate while McCall will host charity events with other sex industry workers.

The pastor recently preached a sermon entitled "Strippers Will Lead Us Into the Kingdom: Fighting for Our Kids in Mississippi."

The caption under the video of the sermon said: " The God of Jesus doesn’t approve of cruel American political policies. The God of Jesus doesn't approve of ICE separating children from their parents.  Because the God of Jesus is serving up a party and everyone is invited.  It is God’s good pleasure to generously serve everyone, including undocumented immigrants and brown people and black people and white people and poor people and gay people and transgender people."

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