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TV anchor stunned after Egyptian Christian says she forgives her husband's killers

Fri 28 Apr 2017
By Tola Mbakwe

A TV host has been left stunned after an Egyptian Coptic Christian woman said she forgives the suicide bombers who killed 45 people celebrating Palm Sunday at church.

Samira Fahmi's husband was one of those who lost their lives in the Islamic State terror attack which targeted two churches.

According to a translation provided by The Bible Society she said: "Believe me I am not angry.

"I ask the Lord to forgive them and let them try to think.

"If they think, they will know that we didn't do anything wrong to them."


She added: "May God forgive you and we also forgive you. Believe me, I forgive you."

Her emotional interview with Egypt ONTV surprised TV anchor, Amr Adeeb, who took a long pause before responding to Fahmi.

He said: "Egyptian Christians are made of steel.

"Egyptian Christians for hundreds of years are bearing many atrocities and disasters. The Egyptian Christian deeply loves his country [and] bears everything for the sake of this country.

"How great is this amount of forgiveness you have?"

He continued: "If your enemy knew how much forgiveness you have for them he would not believe it.

"If it was my father, I could never say this. These people have so much forgiveness… these people are made from a different substance.

"This country is moving on by patience, by perseverance, by endurance, by this great woman and her children… "

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