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Tony Campolo: I refuse to call myself an Evangelical anymore

Mon 19 Sep 2016
By Aaron James

Internationally-renowned pastor Tony Campolo has exclusively told Premier he does not want to be known as an Evangelical Christian anymore.

Tony Campolo, who was the former spiritual advisor to US President Bill Clinton, has said that the title now has too many negative connotations - particularly among non-Christians.



He has now partnered with other prominent Christians to start the Red Letter Christians movement. The term refers to certain Bibles which put all of Christ's words in red, to symbolise their importance.

The aim of members is to highlight the importance of Jesus' teaching while distancing themselves from certain reputations surrounding Evangelical Christianity.

Speaking on Premier's Inspirational Breakfast, Tony Campolo said: "Evangelicals in the United States are anti-environment... If you say you're an Evangelical you're anti-gay, you're anti-women, you're pro-war...

"In the southern states, eighty percent of the people go to church at least once a month [and yet it's] the strongest supporter for capital punishment.

"How do you reconcile Evangelicals favouring capital punishment when Jesus said: 'blessed are the merciful'?

"If you're going to get mercy you've got to show mercy. Evangelicals are hard-nosed people when it comes to punishing criminals."

Listen to Premier's John Pantry speak to Tony Campolo:

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