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US mid-term elections: Christians urged to pray for 'polarised' country

Wed 07 Nov 2018
By Eno Adeogun

An American pastor in London has called for Christians to pray for the country's politicians and people following the mid-term election results.

Rev Jennifer Mills-Knutsen from the American International Church in London told Premier politics in America is currently very divisive.

Speaking about what can be learned from the results, she said: "I think they speak to the deep divisions that are at work in our country right now.


"The current political environment has become really polarised around what seems to be vastly different visions of what the future of our country should be."

The Democrats now control the House of Representatives, will chair powerful committees - and could even try to look at the president's tax returns and more aggressively investigate claims of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

However Donald Trump's calling the results of the elections a 'tremendous success' for his side as they held on to the Senate.

Rev Mills-Knutsen said it was difficult to say if there was a clear victor.

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Highlighting the need for prayer, she said: "I'm praying not just for politicians but for the country as a whole and for the American people.

"There are a lot of calls for finding common ground and unity among the polarisation. I think that's important but we need to pray first and foremost for the end of the violence and the hate speech that's been going on because you can't find common ground with someone who does not see you as a whole human being and wants to dismiss who you are as less worthy of all the full rights that God has given us.

AP Photo/Tony Dejak


"So I'm praying first and foremost for a change of heart because I know that unlike elections, God works on hearts and so I think that we can pray for people who are filled with a sense of hatred and violence to have new hearts and a sense of repentance towards God.

"And then we can work towards common ground on issues of policy and procedure once we can recognise one another as children of God and as whole human beings."

Listen to Premier's Alex Williams speaking to Rev Jennifer Mills-Knutsen:

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