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Warren Wiersbe, American pastor and Bible commentator, dies

Sun 05 May 2019
By Cara Bentley

Pastor Warren Wiersbe, author of the popular 'Be' commentaries on the Bible, has died aged 89. 

Warren Wiersbe was born in Indiana in 1929, ordained in 1951 and was the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church from 1961 to 1971. He was a prolilfic writer and speaker. 

Wiersbe's writings on the Bible, such as 'Be Victorious', 'Be Basic' and 'Be Authentic', are popular expositional verse-by-verse guides to specific passages. 

The Gospel Coalition in America wrote in their eulogy that while at Calvary Baptist Church: "A local Cincinnati radio station broadcast his Sunday sermons as the “Calvary Hour.” During his tenure the church grew from a capacity of 800 people to one that could hold 2,000 worshipers."



When working for Moody Memorial Church in the 1970s, he wrote a collumn for Moody Monthly, named after evangelist Dwight Lyman Moody, called “Insight for the Pastor” where he encouraged and guided church leaders through theology and practical problems. 

In an interview in January 2018, he said: "When you learn the joy and the privilege of Bible study, you don’t have to be paid to do it. You don’t have to be pushed at doing it, and scolded. No, no, no. It’s a privilege. It’s a marvelous, glorious privilege.

"You may not see it, you may not know it. But others will know that you’re walking in the light. Blessed is the man that God blesses from the Word, because that is going to last forever."

Wiersbe died on 2nd May and his grandson wrote that day: "He stuck to expounding Scriptures, practically helping people move closer to the destination of Christlikeness."

Dan Jacobsen added: "Grandpa built bridges from the world of the Bible to the world of today so that we could get to the other side of glory in Jesus. 'There’s not a passage in the Bible I haven’t first looked up what Wiersbe has said on the topic,' most pastors tell me. In multiple languages, his words have helped many handle God’s Word with some sense of accuracy and fidelity."


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