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We need to pray not take sides says Christian lawyer on tanker attack

Sat 15 Jun 2019
By Ruth Sax

Jeremy Corbyn has warned the UK risks increasing the threat of war with Iran, by suggesting the country was behind an attack on two US oil tankers.

The foreign office has backed America's claim that Iran is to blame, but Tehran has denied any involvement.

The Labour leader said the government "should act to ease tensions in the Gulf", and "not fuel a military escalation".



US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had blamed Iran for the "unprovoked attacks" on Thursday.

He added that the US had made its assessment based on intelligence about the type of weapons used.

But Iran dismissed the claim as "unfounded". 

International lawyer and church consultant on Middle East issues, Dr Harry Hagopian told Premier, we need to be careful not to take sides but simply to pray, “it's not a question of I want to be on the side of America or no, I want to be on the side of Iran. It is, let us pray to be on the side of peace.”


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