X Factor Catholic group 'never been kissed'

Mon 05 Oct 2015
By Hannah Tooley

X Factor favourites 4th Impact have revealed none of the Catholic Filipino women have ever been kissed.

Two sisters Almira, 27, Irene, 25 as well as Mylene, 23, and Celena, 19 make up the girl group who have made it through to the next stage of the competition to the Six Chair Challenge.

They told reporters how all the women listen to their parents strict Catholic rules.

Speaking in The Mirror, Irene said: "We have never kissed boys before.

"It is very strict in the Philippines, and so different to the UK.

"Our mum is very strict.

"I'm the only one who has ever had a boyfriend and we make sure Mum is there at all times.

"We are never on our own together."

She added: "We are from a very Catholic conservative country and we don't drink alcohol.

"The other contestants can't believe we've never even tried alcohol, not even a sip."

Almira commented that her mother is concerned about them sharing a house with boys if they make it through the next stage of the competition.

She said: "Mum says 'just focus on your performance and no boys please.' "

The next stage of the competition will be aired this weekend.

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