A Christian man taken hostage by Islamic State along with more than 200 others has spoken about his time... More

The Vatican has received a demand for €100,000 in ransom money for a stolen letter by Renaissance artist... More

More than two hundred vehicles carrying troops from Chad and Niger have entered Nigeria to fight Boko... More

Islamic State militants have reportedly targeted more Christian villages in northeastern Syria, but failed... More

The US President will speak in Selma, Alabama, later to mark the 50th anniversary of the marches that... More

A new study's revealed over 40,000 Twitter accounts are now operating on behalf of Islamic State, despite... More

A dress which went viral after viewers were split on its colours has become the focal point of the Salvation... More

North Korea has imprisoned a Canadian pastor who helps to run a nursery, nursing home and orphanage... More

The decapitated body of a Coptic Christian has been found in Libya, suggesting Islamic State has murdered... More

The Islamic terror group al-Shabaab has released a new video of an attack on a mainly Christian town... More

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