Thousands of Palestinians have been ordered to leave their homes in parts of Gaza as Israel continues... More

A Bishop in Bangladesh is condemning an attack on nuns in the country. More

Oscar Pistorius has broken a five month Twitter silence to post a quote from the Bible. More

The head of the Catholic Church in Iraq is warning EU leaders the violence in the country is forcing... More

Officials in South Korea have requested their North neighbours to send a number of Catholics to a mass... More

A megachurch in the United States is trying a new way of attracting people as it opens a huge activity... More

The first Roman Catholic cardinal of Haiti is warning against the rise of voodoo in the country. More

Pope Francis has used his Sunday address to the crowds in St. Peter’s Square to pray for peace. More

Around 2% of Catholic clergy are paedophiles according to Pope Francis. More

A law has been passed in Burundi which limits the number of churches that can be set up. More

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