Islamist militants have seized the Nigerian town of Chibok from which insurgents kidnapped nearly 300... More

A plan to purchase a temporary camp which was used by the British military during the London 2012 Olympics... More

The G20 summit meeting this weekend could make a formal commitment to stop corporate tax dodging, according... More

Dr Antony McRoy says plans to give police new powers over suspects are needed to keep Britain safe. More

Singer Katy Perry's being criticised for awarding a $10,000 competition prize to a private Catholic... More

Leaders of Pentecostal and charismatic churches in the UK are paying tribute to world renowned preacher... More

It's thought Pope Francis may visit the UN headquarters in New York during 2015. More

The Pope's charity envoy says the Vatican is in the process of installing three showers specifically... More

A 600 year old crucifix has been found in a Belgian flea market almost four years after it was stole... More

Pope Francis has set up a new commission at the Vatican, to deal with a backlog of appeals from priests... More

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