France's interior minister has said the country has arrested a man suspected of planning an attack on... More

The technology company IBM has said it will oppose a proposed Religious Freedom Restoration Act in North... More

It has been reported a Catholic priest in Michigan, U.S.A., has told his parishioners to carry a gun... More

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of a US bishop who admitted covering up for a suspected child... More

An American Catholic priest has been charged with federal fraud and tax evasion, accused of putting thousands... More

The major Muslim organisation, Al-Azhar, has condemned the killing of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya... More

Parishioners have been denouncing Chilean Bishop Juan Barros after his appointment one month ago amid... More

A traditionalist wing of the Church of England has said the consecration of a bishop in a gay relationship... More

A UK Coptic Orthodox Church leader has said it is "our duty" as Christians to forgive Islamic State for... More

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