EU diplomats are reportedly considering proposals to send a battalion of EU troops to the Central African... More

Open Door's 2014 World Watch List finds Christians are most at risk in fragile states with militant Islamic... More

Former Defence Secretary Liam Fox says many find it unacceptable that funds are sent around the world... More

Release International has published its Global Persecution Outlook for the coming 12 months. More

Investigators in Russia are linking two bombings in the city of Volgograd. More

The gospel singer says the Holy Spirit has brought her endless comfort. More

Anti persecution charity Open Doors has presented their study to parliament that finds Christians are... More

Father Francois Murad was attacked by extremists at the monastery he was staying in after they accused... More

He's spoken of his struggle to provide basic food, shelter and medicine to more than 30,000 people fleeing... More

He made the comments during an audience with the cardinals who elected him. More

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