A court's opened proceedings against a former high ranking Vatican official who's accused of sexual... More

The United Nations said it's likely the Syrian government used chemical weapons eight times in April... More

Palestinian and Israeli leaders have agreed an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire which appears to be holding... More

The Churches Child Protection Advisory Service says better community engagement is needed to prevent... More

A football match for world peace has been organised after it was suggested by Pope Francis. More

A study's found 48% of parents are more worried about the first day of classes than their child. More

Search engine Google has taken down a link to a newspaper article about a vicar who resigned after he... More

The chief representative of the Vatican at the UN headquarters has again urged international leaders... More

Police have revealed how a man who stole tens of thousands of pounds from church donation boxes kept... More

A United Nations Committee is calling for 'safe zones' to be set up in Iraq to give fleeing Christians... More

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