Officials in the American state of Kentucky have discovered 26 pounds of cannabis hidden inside a statue... More

A Church of England disciplinary hearing has been told how a married cleric had intimate relations with... More

Churches across the UK will pause to think about people who face violence because of their beliefs on... More

An audio message from the leader of Islamic State (I.S.) has threatened the home of the Catholic Church... More

A Ugandan Catholic priest has been identified as one of the bodies found in a mass grave in Mexico last... More

A woman had to be physically removed from one of the most famous churches in America after she protested... More

Scotland's First Minister in waiting should be positive about the Church's place in society according... More

Islamist militants have seized the Nigerian town of Chibok from which insurgents kidnapped nearly 300... More

A plan to purchase a temporary camp which was used by the British military during the London 2012 Olympics... More

The G20 summit meeting this weekend could make a formal commitment to stop corporate tax dodging, according... More

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