Former paid pastors of American megachurch Mars Hill who left because of conflicts with Mark Driscoll... More

A Christian who is research director at the Marriage Foundation has dismissed a High Court judge's claims... More

A law allowing schools in the UK to hire teachers on the basis of their religion has been upheld by the... More

A church service has been held in Tyneside after a teenage girl was raped in the yard. More

The House of Commons has approved new legislation that will allow women bishops within the Church of... More

A court in Iran has sentenced two pastors and a deacon to six years behind bars. More

Music star Ariana Grande left Catholicism after her gay brother was rejected by the Church, she has... More

An 85-year-old man has spent more than 20 years of his retirement and sold his antique business to restore... More

New regulations are forcing Christian schools to 'actively promote' other belief systems, the Christian... More

More than 800 churches are to be included on English Heritage's new at-risk list. More

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