It's World Refugee Sunday this weekend. More

Susanne Wilkinson was told by a judge to pay Michael Black and John Morgan one thousand eight hundred... More

The UK's approach to multiculturalism is failing communities according to a leading Christian think-... More

Association of Christian Teachers blames Ofstead for focusing on targets. More

BMCs are being forced to practice in sub-standard buildings according to university report. More

Man of Steel's promotors targetted pastors across the country with screenings, film clips and even draft... More

The Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nicols is joining the Archbishop of Canterbury alongside Muslim... More

Members will no longer pledge to 'love my God' but instead commit to be 'true to myself and develop my... More

The Commission on Banking Standards says excessive pay practices and rewards for failure must be stamped... More

There's to be a fundamental change in how images of child abuse are dealt with online. More

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