Britain's most senior female judge says it's not difficult to see why Christians feel they're unfairly... More

A conflict between Christians and Muslims in the Central African Republic could cause another Rwandan-style... More

The Roman Catholic Bishop of Portsmouth has attracted controversy after suggesting that Catholic MPs... More

The economy is forecast to grow by 2.7% this year, faster than any other European economy. Unemployment continues to fall and 1.3 million new jobs have been created in the private sector. The deficit is... More

Taken with the fall in inflation to 2.1% and a growth rate revised upwards by the IMF to 2.4%, we have clear evidence that the economy is recovering and growing faster than any developed economy except... More

The architect of this major development was Lord Adonis, Labour’s Transport Secretary in 2009. The Coalition took over the project in 2010 despite opposition within its own ranks. Speaking at this year’s... More

Homes on the Somerset levels remain under water and strong winds took down power to thousands of other homes. The Prime Minister took over chairmanship of Cobra, the crisis committee, in the face of criticism... More

The economy may have turned a corner but with youth unemployment close to a million and unemployment still increasing in the north and Scotland, the slippage in support for Labour is bad news for its leader.... More

EU Commissioners have dubbed Britain the ‘nasty country’ whilst reaction at home asks ‘why so little - so late’. As from 1st January Romanians and Bulgarians will be free to enter Britain legally and the... More

Economists predict that by mid-year the longest and deepest downturn for a century will be over. Together with falling unemployment, inflation and predictions of 2.4% growth next year, some bragging by... More

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