The Church of England has decided to overturn its controversial plans to move the accommodation of the... More

Tens of thousands of crimes are not being recorded by police in England and Wales, in some cases because... More

The Catholic Church is pledging to continue support for pupils and staff at Corpus Christi College in... More

A report into a baby ashes scandal in Edinburgh where infants remains were scattered without parents... More

Churches and Christian groups have welcomed government efforts to halt the proliferation of more betting... More

Christian doctors and nurses who refuse to prescribe emergency contraception are being denied qualifications... More

The head of Catholics in England and Wales has spoken of his "utter shock and sadness" at the killing... More

A female Religious Education teacher has died after being stabbed at a Catholic high school in Leeds... More

Two thirds of practicing Christians are frightened to speak out about their beliefs. More

Catholics from around the world will gather in Rome this weekend to celebrate the canonisation of Pope... More

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