Lifestyle issues are being blamed for the UK lagging behind other European nations in a health league... More

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia broke the Church's silence over Cardinal O'Brien's behaviour at a Lent Mass... More

The social action arm of the Catholic Church in England and Wales is calling for a rethink on the Welfare... More

The child from Mississippi, who's now two and a half years old, was given an intensive cocktail of anti-retroviral... More

Authorities have urged Kenyans to avoid the widespread bloodshed that followed the disputed 2007 ele... More

The Advent Group - which is working for a renewed priesthood - believes it's time for a change and married... More

Rt Revd Anthony Priddis of Hereford had written to Sainsbury's and Tesco asking them to stock the Real... More

Four of Britain's leading denominations claim the coalition is stigmatising 'working families' by calling... More

The Liberal Democrats held on to the seat - albeit with a reduced majority - while UKIP beat the Conservatives... More

Forty-two year-old pakistani peace activist was martyred outside his mothers house in Islamabad in 2... More

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