The publisher made the decision after an inquiry into evangelist and founding Director of Avanti Ministries... More

Following discussions between the Evangelical Alliance and Avanti Ministries, Avanti agreed to set up... More

Anti persecution charity Open Doors has presented their study to parliament that finds Christians are... More

The Church of England's parliament has voted in favour of proposals to restart the process to allow women... More

Susanne Wilkinson has been offered right to take case to Supreme Court alongside another BB gay couple... More

Experts say there's been a rise in offenders targeting vulnerable families overseas to set up live access... More

Father Francois Murad was attacked by extremists at the monastery he was staying in after they accused... More

The leader of New Wine Church in London passed away in hospital after battling illness. More

Police say four people have received "significant injuries" after a car overturned near a primary school... More

He's spoken of his struggle to provide basic food, shelter and medicine to more than 30,000 people fleeing... More

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