Maria Rodrigues is senior producer and presenter of the Woman to Woman show which airs every weekday from 10.35am – you can also find her hosting bonus interviews every afternoon from 2.40pm!

Justin is Theology and Apologetics Editor at Premier and presents the Saturday radio show and podcast 'Unbelievable?' and the fortnightly Ask NT Wright Anything podcast

Sam Hailes is editor of Premier Christianity – the UK’s leading Christian magazine. Before joining Premier he worked as a freelance journalist and social media manager. He’s married to Stacey, lives in London and is a keen traveller, reader and tweeter.

Martyn Eden is Premier’s resident political editor - reporting, analysing and commenting on political developments on Premier Christian Radio and writing a weekly political commentary with a Christian perspective.

Lucinda van der Hart is a freelance writer and social media manager. Follow her on Twitter @Lucindavdh


Aaron works as a multimedia journalist at Premier.


Adam Brennan is a digital producer for Premier.


is a multimedia journalist for Premier.


Antony works as a multimedia journalist at Premier.


Berni is a dynamic preacher of God's word, with a passion for helping people to connect with God amidst the realities of life. He has a wonderful ability to communicate life changing truths in a way that makes sense to the rest of us.