Dave Rose

Dave started at Premier in 2001 and has presented most programmes on Premier Christian Radio over the years, including a five year stint on Premier Drive. Now, through a combination of hard work and smiling politely, he has risen to the lofty heights of Programme Director for Premier Christian Radio, which means he works closely with all our producers and presenters to make the radio station as fun, educational and uplifting as possible. He still pops up on air from time to time, and loves presenting whenever time allows. Before Premier, he worked for a while at BBC Radio 1, alongside the likes of Simon Mayo, Jamie Theakston and Chris Moyles.

Dave spends a lot of his time involved in children’s work at his local church, and loves spending time with his family, eating Chinese food and trying not to have irrationally phobic thoughts about cotton wool. On this last point, he normally fails. He lives with his wife, two children and a goldfish in West London.


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