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Christian Aid Week // Big Brekkie

All over the country, hundreds of people are planning life-saving, world-changing, extraordinary Big Brekkie events.

By doing everyday things, like buttering toast and brewing coffee, volunteers from all walks of life will be stepping out to help the world’s poorest people. 

Big Brekkie is back and Butter than ever!

Will you hold a Big Brekkie this Christian Aid Week?

Your Big Brekkie porridge and pancakes, croissants and crumpets are weapons in the fight against injustice. By welcoming a few friends into your home to hosting a whole church and community (and everything in between) your Big Brekkie can have a real impact. 

To order your Big Brekkie packed with ideas, resources and offers on Fairtrade Teas and Coffees sign up via www.caweek.org/premier  

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