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Christian Aid Week // Big Brekkie

Big Brekkie is the most important meal of the year.

Throughout the Bible, we see people coming together to share food and take action.

Breaking bread. Building fellowship. Changing the world.

We’re inviting you to join this tradition with a Big Brekkie this Christian Aid Week, 14-20 May. By bringing your friends together over breakfast you can raise money to challenge injustice around the world.

Christians were inspired by Jesus’ passion for justice to raise money for refugees for the first Christian Aid Week, 60 years ago. Today, tens of millions of people across the globe are also fleeing their homes because of war, conflict and disaster.

Many, like Nejebar from Afghanistan, endured years of conflict before fleeing. Her husband was threatened with death for being a government worker. Now they’ve arrived in Greece, all they have is a tent. They thought they would be here for 10 days but it’s already been 6 months and there’s no end in sight.

If you could raise £285 with a Big Brekkie, that’s enough to buy fridges for a community kitchen in a refugee camp. For families like Nejebar’s far from home, being able to cook their own food is an important shred of normality in an otherwise uncertain world.

Be part of Big Brekkie. Join in by ordering your free pack with everything you need from caweek.org/premier

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