Christmas Starts with Christ

You wouldn’t have a party without friends, wrapping without a present, a cake without candles or a celebration without the birthday boy! This year’s Christmas Starts with Christ campaign brought to you by ChurchAds and Premier encourages us all to discover ‘It’s just not Christmas without Christ’.

We’re excited to offer free downloads of our customisable posters and flyers, radio adverts and social media images for you and your churches to use and share. Take action today to save the real meaning of Christmas!


Christmas is Being Hijacked 

The Christmas celebrations have been turned into a commercial extravaganza by companies, creating a huge distraction from the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ. This year’s slogan It's Just Not Christmas without Christ aims to draw attention to the issue of Christmas being commercialized and make people think and research further on what Christmas is truly about. We invite you to join this year’s campaign by spreading the resources to your neighbourhood, church, office and anywhere else that are visible.


How you can take part

We would like thousands of people across the UK to get involved in the campaign this year, either through their churches or as individuals. Download the materials, or request a poster and gift sticker pack.

We’ve set up a website which contains information for those wanting to find out more about the true meaning of Christmas and encourage you to share this page with those who are interested in finding out more.



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