Hope for the Middle East

Despite everything you're hearing about turmoil and violence in the Arab world, there is hope for the millions of people there who are either Christians or are interested in learning about Jesus Christ. 

The evening news tells only part of the real story from places like Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and more. What you're not hearing is how Christian satellite television is encouraging millions in these regions. Giving hope and practical help that is transforming thousands of lives every single day.

Get the real story of hope in the Middle East. Click here to receive your free report from us. You'll be amazed at the stories pouring in from people in Iran, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan and more!

SAT-7 is Christian satellite television that is blanketing the Middle East every day with good news…and we're hearing daily reports how it is bringing hope, encouraging believers and changing lives with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

This FREE SPECIAL REPORT will show you what's really happening in home after home throughout the Middle East. Get your free copy today! Just click the button below and you will be sent this encouraging FREE REPORT that's loaded with photos and stories of people whose lives have been changed through SAT-7 satellite broadcasts. Also enter our prize draw to receive this uniquely produced Lord’s Prayer in Arabic printed on Papyrus and made in Egypt.

Learn the true story of HOPE in the Middle East! Click below to get your copy of this free special report: HOPE FOR THE MIDDLE EAST.

For more information about SAT-7 refer to or call SAT-7 in the UK on 01249 765 865.

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