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Ignite Trust

Ignite Trust is a local grassroots charity that works with young people aged 13-25 in Harrow to help them re-engage with education, find employment or move away from anti- social behaviour, gang involvement and exploitative relationships. 

They exist to see long-term transformation in the lives of those they work with, who are at-risk, marginalised or face barriers to success in life. They do this through:


Making meaningful contact with young people through activity and education-based programmes;


Challenging values and behaviour and equipping young people with the tools, resources and opportunities to make positive choices in their current situations;


Supporting young people to change the direction of their lives away from negative influences and raising aspirations for the future to see long term transformation.

Ignite Trust was formed in 2001 by volunteers from a local Church with a passion to see young people in Harrow flourish; a Borough with the third-highest deprivation inequality score in London.

Their current work is mainly focused in Wealdstone, Rayners Lane and South Harrow; areas within Harrow reporting high levels of youth anti-social behaviour.

They believe in building positive relationships with young people through 1:1 mentoring and focused support. Other key elements of their approach are to provide positive role models for young people, develop peer leaders and create a socially cohesive community which promotes inclusion and encourages young people to participate in the wider community.

They believe that collaboration is crucial to providing young people with positive, accessible services. They work closely and effectively with public and voluntary sector partners including the Metropolitan Police, Harrow Council, YOT, Wish, Home Group (Social Landlord) and local schools.


They run 19 different projects each week, including:

Girls only provision: providing positive activities and mentoring for vulnerable young females around low self-esteem, low aspirations, substance misuse, unhealthy relationships, child sexual exploitation (CSE) and mental health issues.

1:1 Mentoring: in-depth, holistic support to address individual needs, including family breakdown, substance use, risky/negative life choices, traumatic experiences, CSE, mental health issues, self-harm, and low self-esteem.

Detached work: engaging hard to reach young people in their own environments and building relationships to challenge attitudes/behaviour and encourage them into positive diversionary activities.

Employment Support: employment drop in sessions, 1:1 and group sessions for young people to re-engage with training and employment, and tutoring support to assist young people with their education.

Gang provision: specialised provision for those involved in gangs, the criminal justice system and ex-offenders. Provision includes intensive mentoring, liaising and mediating with families, advocating for individuals, and support to engage with education/employment.

Sports Excel: sports coaching and mentoring over three evenings a week and in local schools aimed at engaging young people displaying high levels of anti-social behaviour and gang related activity.

Expression Youth Group & Holiday Provision: positive activities, shared meals, life skills and peer leadership opportunities for a diverse community of young people. Ignite holds weekly term time sessions and school holiday activities. The programme builds community cohesion, reduces anti-social behaviour, and feeds into our employment and mentoring activities.

Between April 2015 and March 2016, Ignite Trust worked with a total of 711 young people in their targeted projects. During that time period: 299 young people were supported to re-engage or increase their engagement in education and/or employment; 461 participants demonstrated an increase in their self-efficacy; 171 increased social cohesion; 128 young people demonstrated a reduction in anti-social behaviour; and 34 demonstrated an increased awareness around the topic of sexual health.

You can visit their website here: http://www.ignitetrust.org.uk/

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