Meet the finalists from the North.



Name of Project

Community Building

Hope Central

They are based in the local community and seek to help whatever the need is.

Community Building                                  


A youth project based in the Halliwell area of Bolton. Their motto is 'making a difference with young people'. They work with many young people coming from deprived backgrounds, ethnic minority groups and broken homes making a difference in their lives.


Hope Centre

Works with local vulnerable and marginalised adults in St Helens, Merseyside. Ensuring they have an equal opportunity to progress to their greatest potential and to enable them to integrate fully into the community.

Social Justice


A group of Christians listening, praying and signposting with women working in massage parlours & saunas in Manchester.

Social Justice

Press Red

A Christian charity based in Manchester, which raises awareness around violence against women and girls. Enabling and empowering people and organisations to make a difference. or

Start up


Rubies was founded after a report by Plan International concluded that Middlesbrough is the worst place in the country to grow up as a girl. Rubies gives girls a different, more positive message about their value, and potential. Encouraging girls to discover their strengths and know their true worth.

Start up

Matthew 25:40

Matthew 25:40 is a Nottingham based social enterprise aiming to service those in the community of Nottingham that are homeless and vulnerable to gain back their independence.

Work with Older People

Huddersfield Christian Fellowship - Cathedral House Care Services and Young @ Heart

Caters for the more mature and less mobile in the community. 

Cathedral House Care Services is an organisation registered with the CQC to provide Domiciliary Care to the older members of the congregation.

Work with the Disadvantaged

Asylum Seeker Spiritual Care

St Chad's CofE Church in Bensham, Gateshead welcomes asylum seekers with Bible studies and sermons in different languages, helping people grow in their faith.

Work with the Disadvantaged

Bee amazing

We care for 8 gardens and the church land which we turned into a labyrinth space. One garden used as an apiary, where we offer community bee keeping courses.

This year we are part of the Britain in bloom Ellesmere Port bid and have plans to create two new gardens. One is themed on the fishers of men using Old sailing boats. Filling the boats with edible vegetables to supply The Port Grocery and the Daily Bread Cafe both based in Trinity Church. Anyone who wants free fresh vegetables will be able to pick their own.

The newest garden is linking to the North Wales pilgrim route as we are planting apple trees from Bardsey Island plus soft fruits. Again for the local community to enjoy.

Ellesmere Port has one of the highest indices of deprivation in the UK

Our intention is to share God's abundance with our community and empower them to grow their own incredible edibles.

Youth and Children's Work

Missional Generation

We are a charity that equips young people to become influential for God in all arenas of life.  We do this working alongside the local church and youth leaders visiting them regularly, creating faith exploration and faith in action opportunities for young people across the M62 corridor.

Youth and Children's Work

Safe Families for Children - North

They train and support volunteers from local churches and connect them with families who are isolated and struggling. Helping build relationships that bring hope so that children can feel loved and secure in thriving families.

Here are a few pictures from the night and some of our Finalists going on to the finals later in the year (October) in London.

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Scotch Corner

The Love Britain + Ireland Award for...

  • Community Building
    Awarded to an outstanding project building relationships with people and communities of different faiths.
  • Work with the Disadvantaged
    Awarded to an outstanding project reaching and supporting people struggling in our communities.
  • Inclusion
    Awarded to an outstanding project supporting and serving people with additional needs.
  • Start up projects
    Awarded to an outstanding project which has been launched since 1st October 2016.  
  • Work with Older People
    Awarded to an outstanding project serving and supporting older people in the local community.
  • Social Justice
    Awarded to an outstanding project which has sought to bring about a real change in community life through a local campaign
  • Youth and Children's Work
    Awarded to an outstanding project that is transforming the lives of children and young people in a local community.