Scotch Corner

On Friday 21st June Premier hosted the Love Britain + Ireland Awards for the North region at the The Holiday Inn (Scotch Corner, Darlington). 



Name of Project

Community Building

Hope Central

Community Building                                  



Hope Centre

Social Justice


Social Justice

Press Red

Start up


Start up

Matthew 25:40

Work with Older People

Huddersfield Christian Fellowship - Cathedral House Care Services and Young@Heart

Work with the Disadvantaged

Asylum Seeker Spiritual Care

Work with the Disadvantaged

Bee amazing

Youth and Children's Work

Missional Generation

Youth and Children's Work

Safe Families for Children - North

Here are a few pictures from the night and some of our Finalists going on to the finals later in the year (October) in London.

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Scotch Corner

The Love Britain + Ireland Award for...

  • Community Building
    Awarded to an outstanding project building relationships with people and communities of different faiths.
  • Work with the Disadvantaged
    Awarded to an outstanding project reaching and supporting people struggling in our communities.
  • Inclusion
    Awarded to an outstanding project supporting and serving people with additional needs.
  • Start up projects
    Awarded to an outstanding project which has been launched since 1st October 2016.  
  • Work with Older People
    Awarded to an outstanding project serving and supporting older people in the local community.
  • Social Justice
    Awarded to an outstanding project which has sought to bring about a real change in community life through a local campaign
  • Youth and Children's Work
    Awarded to an outstanding project that is transforming the lives of children and young people in a local community.