One Million Men
Christian Vision for Men

Christian Vision for Men and Premier have embarked on a long-term partnership, designed to work towards a goal of introducing 1,000,000 men to Jesus.

A ten year partnership, designed to engage one million men with the Christian faith by 2024, has been launched in January 2014 by Premier and Christian Vision for Men [CVM].

The clearly defined campaign, which will involve Premier Christian Radio alongside Christianity magazine and other Premier media platforms, also sets a target to create 500 new CVM men’s groups this year – all of them Church-based.

“It is well known that men seem to require more time to respond to the Christian message than women and take an average five years to come to a position of faith after first hearing the Gospel,” says Peter Kerridge, Premier's CEO.

“We believe that Premier is in a unique position to be able to lend promotional support to CVM’s ongoing activities to speed the process of bringing the Gospel to men across the UK. The Church desperately needs to engage in a more positive way with men, many of whom who are currently feeling alienated from Church structures.”

CVM’s Carl Beech said: “The spiritual make-up of this country has changed dramatically during the past two decades and we believe that evangelism to men needs to be long-term and persistent, with friendship as a priority. We are delighted to be working with Britain’s largest Christian media group to help us in our new ten year mission. This is a significant partnership and we believe that by uniting together, we will see many men
engage with the Christian faith in the years ahead.”

Beech has developed a ‘Four-Level Evangelism’ strategy which sets the starting point for engaging with men via events or activities with zero Christian content. Stage two would ideally involve an event with a Christian speaker – perhaps breakfast, lunch or a fish 'n' chip supper – while the third stage would be for men to informally discuss and debate Christianity.
The fourth and final stage is to ensure that interested men are ‘plugged-in’ to a community which keeps them “gripped and excited” by the message of Jesus.

CVM produces resources for each level of activity and also run major national outreach and training events for men. Working in sixteen countries, it is Europe’s biggest men’s ministry.

Click here to find out more about the work of CVM, and stay tuned to hear more on Premier Christian Radio about this exciting, ongoing initiative.

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