The People's Passion Tell the Easter Story… instantly.

Riding Lights Theatre Company, in association with Premier, invites you to experience the power of  'The People's Passion'.

Gather your community and create an instant passion play.

From the roaring crowd at the entry into Jerusalem to the moving drama of the crucifixion, a chorus of voices tell the Easter story. There’s a part of everyone to play and no rehearsal needed.

A powerful piece of theatre and worship, The People’s Passion brings a whole congregation together to witness the events of Jesus’ last week.  There is a part for everyone and no rehearsal needed. There are parts for groups and parts for individuals, music and moments of reflection. Riding Lights provides the script, you provide the cast.

Resources are now available for Easter 2018


Get your copy of The People’s Passion.


How does it work?

The script for The People’s Passion is projected for everyone to read with participants split into several groups, each taking different characters in the play. A handful of roles are read by individuals and key dramatic moments in the story are marked with music or simple action on stage. A short warm-up gets everyone speaking confidently and in unison, then the action begins…

Really, no rehearsal?

The majority of the congregation gather and won’t need any preparation or rehearsal before the event.

Those leading The People’s Passion will need some preparation to make sure everything runs smoothly. There are a handful of characters played by individuals. These people will need to practise reading their lines beforehand. If you would like to include live music for the event then your musicians will need some time to prepare as well.

What’s the cost?

The resource pack for The People’s Passion is available as a digital download and will soon be available as a physical pack as well. Both of these cost £40 (plus post and packaging for the physical pack). Both options include a performance licence and all the resources you need to create the event.

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