Two Crowns in Odeon theaters in April!

'Two Crowns' is the first movie featuring the so far unknown, common facts from the life of Father Maximilian Kolbe, from his childhood up to the heroic decision to sacrifice his own life for a co-prisoner at Auschwitz. 

It's a movie about a visionary that has crossed the limits of human limitations. His courage, faith and conviction of the need for a great mission made him extraordinary and unique.

Father Maximilian Maria Kolbe, martyr, missionary, journalist and a genius mind. He gave his life for a fellow prisoner. He conducted missionary activities in Japan, China and India. He founded the Militia Immaculatae. He also designed a vehicle to move between planets. In a word, a Saint that the world did not know!

Michał Kondrat (director) about the movie:

"Two Crowns is a film about a man who aspired to change the world – an ambition he partially fulfilled – but not everyone knows the story of his extraordinary life. Thanks to this film, viewers will be able to see not only his amazing works, but also extraordinary spirituality and charisma. Father Maximilian Kolbe was a man of few words, but a delightful attitude. The film shows his activities in other countries and his fascinating mind. Being a young boy, he developed a very modern device, surpassing the telegraph of that time. Few people know that Maximilian Kolbe also designed a vehicle of interplanetary transportation. Two Crowns shows the beauty of the mind of the monk, and his huge commitment to the founding of the monasteries in Niepokalanów and Japan. The one in Niepokalanów was the largest in the world in terms of numbers. I believe that Two Crowns will be a spiritual feast for the spectators, but not lacking humor."

The fiction part of the movie presents great Polish actors and actresses: Adam Woronowicz, Cezary Pazura, Artur Barciś, Maciej Musiał, Antoni Pawlicki, Dominika Figurska, Sławomir Orzechowski, and others. 

The documentary, shot in Poland, Japan and Italy, presents the statements of experts in the life of Father Maximilian: priests and laymen, i.a. Kazimierz Piechowski, who met Father Maximilian during his time at the camp, and the words he told him transferred him and directed spiritually his whole life...

The film will be screened in 24 Odeon cinemas across England.

Furthermore, there will be 5 Q&A screenings with the participation of Michał Kondrat, the director of the film.


Title: Two Crowns
Director: Michał Kondrat  
Music: Robert Janson
Production: Poland 2017 r.  
Distributed by: Kondrat – Media  
Genre: docudrama
Time: 92 min.
Oficial website:

 “We are ready to give our lives for our ideals.” Maximilian Kolbe

All additional info available at:

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