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The political struggles about leaving the European Union have divided our nation and undermined confidence in MPs and the democratic process.  More

This eBook is aimed to help you consider some factors as you prepare to make your vote (if indeed you intend to).   More

How we raise our children and care for them is a top priority and any abuse or neglect of them is a grievous sin. More

When we give children opportunities to reflect freely on God, they often astound us with their outside-the-box thinking. More

Almost every day we hear stories of young people involved in unlawful activities across the UK. More

Regardless of which party is in office and which issue is under consideration, it is undeniable that respect for and confidence in our elected politicians is at an all-time low in modern history since... More

Premier have commissioned and recorded a series of short videos presented by Jenifer Bute specially designed for use with people with dementia. More

Having a relationship with God means that we need to communicate with him. Learning to pray is one of the fundamental elements of our faith journey. More

The church, the cake and the confetti – the ingredients to a typical wedding, but after the big day what does it take to maintain a healthy marriage? More

The phrase ‘Good Friday’ seems like an oxymoron to many people. After all, it’s the day that we remember the arrest, torture and death of Jesus Christ. What’s so good about that? More