Additional Features

Designed to be read by Christians and seekers of all ages and denominations, Premier Bible comes with 32 pages of additional content from Premier:

  • God’s big picture – an overview of the Old and New Testament and the different categories of writing in scripture.
  • Why I (still) believe in the Bible – after years of talking with atheists on his weekly Premier Christian radio show, Justin Brierley explains why he still believes the Bible is the inspired word of God.
  • How to read the Bible – Peter Kerridge, Premier’s CEO suggests four strategies to get the most out of reading and understanding the Bible.
  • Voice of Hope – sample scripture devotionals to help you explore what the Bible says, written by Dr Micha Jazz, the presenter of Be Still & Know on Premier Christian Radio and Premier Praise.
  • Bible Lifelines – relevant scriptures to read when you are going through a variety of situations in life. With information on how to speak in confidence to a Christian on the phone to give you emotional and spiritual support.
  • The one-year Bible reading plan – readings from the Old and New Testament broken into 365 daily portions to help you read God’s word in a year.
  • Why trust the Bible – explores the reliability of the source manuscripts Bible translators use.