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Most Rev Justin Welby, the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury, sat down with Premier's Justin Brierley to talk about Thy Kingdom Come, prayer, evangelism, speaking in tongues, politics, Brexit, LGBT issues and church unity.

A collection of videos, articles and blogs based on Premier's interview with Justin Welby, the leader of the Anglican church.

FULL INTERVIEW: Justin Welby on prayer, evangelism, speaking in tongues, Brexit and LGBT issues



Praying in tongues and prophecy



ARTICLE: Praying in tongues and prophecy, all part of Archbishop of Canterbury's daily routine

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has spoken of his daily discipline praying in tongues and seeking words of knowledge and prophecy from others in a wide ranging interview with Premier.

The head of the Church of England has admitted: “It’s not something to make a great song and dance about, given it’s usually extremely early in the morning it’s not usually an immensely ecstatic moment." Read more...


BLOG: Yes, Justin Welby speaks in tongues. So do half a billion other Christians

So Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, prays in tongues every day as part of his morning devotions. Cue worried looks and raised eyebrows… Read more...

LGBT, 'transgender' services and church unity



ARTICLE: Read the Bible, pray and love one another', Justin Welby offers LGBT advice to confused Christians

The Archbishop of Canterbury has addressed the division in the Church of England over sexuality, encouraging members to seek unity.

Justin Welby has been speaking to Premier in a wide ranging interview and admitted there's no simple answer to the ongoing battles within his Church. Read More...

Brexit and politics



ARTICLE: Justin Welby's prayers for Theresa May on eve of Brexit vote

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has offered Theresa May and politicians across the political spectrum his prayers over Brexit.

Archbishop Welby, who last week spoke in in the House of Lords about his concerns around a no-deal Brexit has said that politicians have the "most extraordinarily difficult job". Read Now...

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