'The Force Awakens' and wins

This week millions tuned in, not to watch sports, but the trailer for the seventh film in the Star Wars series as The Force Awakens trailer hit the internet.

We all love it. John Williams’ music matches George Lucas direction in revisiting an age old struggle. Hans Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, C3P0 and R2D2 are back. There are new faces, new characters and even a new robot. Darth Vader lives on with his skull and helmet and new personification in Kylo Ren. ‘The First Order’ replaces the evil Empire. The film release is two months away, just in time for the Christmas holidays and already the demand for tickets and the projections of worldwide sales are staggering. We love our films, but this franchise in particular has a special place in most peoples’ hearts.

Sitting in a cinema in London with an audience of children and parents, my sons and I watched The Return of the Jedi. As the lights came up, the whole audience erupted into applause. There were no performers, but we had witnessed a technological delight. Action, drama, cuddly animals, cool robots amazing gadgets and terrifying fight scenes all flowed seamlessly. All this presented with visual expertise, heart stirring music and computer wizardry. We were transported into a galaxy, far, far away. We witnessed an epic story of good fighting against evil. Each scene evoked every kind of human emotion. We felt love, loss, fear and pleasure. The story goes on and we all not only just want to see it, but to feel part of it and escape from our mundane reality. Through all of this, it is clear that Disney and Lucasfilm will make a great deal of money and provide great pleasure by making and distributing the next installment.

The books of Daniel and Revelation offer colourful pictures of the future. They contain exactly two of the same elements that we see in the Star Wars films. Both present us with the reality of the struggle between good and evil. Both show that fight is real. There are no easy victories and the price of victory is high and dearly bought. But it is victory. In the end, goodness does triumph over evil. Those who support the ‘baddies’ inevitably pay an awful price for being on the wrong side. Those who support the ‘goodies’ have real fights, suffer serious injuries, failures and often seem without escape. The good news is that evil is defeated and the force of God wins. The beloved John made exactly the same point to the saints struggling against evil in their world, fearful and doubtful of ultimate victory. Greater is the one who is in you, than the one who is in the world.

It is not just the struggle between good and evil that is a common thread. It is that human beings make all the difference in the world and galaxy. What Hans Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and the new heroines and heroes do does matter. Their decisions and actions change the outcome, not just for them as individuals, but for humanity.

Whether it is The Force Awakens or the real end of our human existence and world, goodness overcomes evil. Our choices and actions make all the difference. The force of God will be with us.

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