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National Poetry Day 2014

October 2 is National Poetry Day and we will celebrate the day with features throughout the day on Premier Christian Radio.

Here is some of the poetry we’ve already celebrated with new young work and some poems from some of the great poets.


On his deceased wife (John Milton)

Piano (DH Lawrence)

When I am dead (Christina Rossetti)

Falling Asleep (Siegfried Sassoon)

Long Distance (Tony Harrison)

Crux Matris (Edmund Matyjaszek)

For the Fallen (Lawrence Binyon)



We Will Rise Up, By Fope Jegede // Premier Youthwork


Sacrifice - Gems & HGB


Poem: No Coward Soul Is Mine By Emily Bronte


Poem: Pied Beauty By Gerald Manley Hopkins


Poem: In Memoriam A. H. H. By Alfred Lord Tennyson


Poem: Holy Sonnet 14 By John Donne

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