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Electronic discipleship

Horsted Keynes is 10min from Haywards Heath and so less than an hour from London. The village has changed character in recent years to be much more of a commuter community. That means my church members, like me on my day off, can easily dip into London churches and Christian networks as well as into electronic resources on their commute to redeem their train time.

I'm sold on being bold. Taking courage and some wisdom from Premier I've moulded an e-letter and commended it in this month's parish magazine which lands in all 600 households. My Rector's letter next week will have a sort of 'turn the page if you don't browse the internet' apology in the commendation of 'Electronic discipleship' in the November lead article. I'm mentioning it here in case any Christian leaders or Premier followers want to use it or steal and develop the idea.

Last week I got an e mail following the distribution of the October magazine suggesting I'd written in favour of hunting (I hadn't - just in favour of horses!). In the past older folk have complained I'm always writing about 'engaging with youth'.  The young don't write back when I promote care of the elderly - they probably never read a parish magazine!

Exactly! Which is why I've done work on an electronic newsletter to serve them, the commuters and the twittering class of the village. I am pushing the new resource orally and in what I write with an eye to raising up ownership and then active contributions towards it recognising there is a lot of wisdom growing up - not least yours who're reading this - to be shared in this realm.

'Electronic discipleship' provides a menu to serve the Christian browser seeking engagement with disciplines that train and uplift the soul.

Here are some of the tweets I'm sending to commend it:

Looking for a menu of free daily bible reading feeds? Try Scripture Union resources... 

Could the internet help me know myself better? Why not experiment with the Examen of Ignatius of Loyola...

Anglicans say Morning and Evening Prayer. Why bother with bible, prayer book, lectionary or even coming to church when you can join us right now for free...

What's good for the soul on Premier Christian Radio? See Fr John's recommendations of worship and teaching on air or online...

Did you attend the eucharist today? No? You can follow the readings to make up or even watch a celebration online...

Lynne Chandler’s faith journey is often one lurch forward and two steps backward, but it has led her to deeper insights into faith and greater reliance on God than she ever imagined. Sample her book...

As a Christian leader I know I can't please all of the people all of the time and shouldn't try to. Since I myself pray prayers on my iPad it's natural to be helpful to those who would if they knew where to go for them.

I'm now bracing myself for complaining notes through my letter box from literate non computer literates!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

PS Do sign up for our bi-monthly 'Electronic discipleship' newsletter on the front page of St Giles, Horsted Keynes website.

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