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The Trafficked Soul – A Story of Hope for the Insulted and Injured

A wife and mother of two children, our heroine  - if we are allowed to call her such - lives in a poor country in Eastern Europe – an economic wasteland where there is seemingly no hope for an ordinary life.

One day, a relative offers her a “once-in-a-lifetime" job on softer, more lenient shores. “Everything is legal” says the relative. Being in a state of distress, the mother takes up the challenge at their meeting in a café. She is told that the “company pays for your ticket” and that “someone will wait for you at the airport”. She is also lured by the prospect of a consummate salary of $1,500 a month. Like something out of the movie “Taken”, the unreality of the abuse that awaits on the other side is almost unprintable.

But here it is. The start of a life of tragedy and abuse. Leaving her poverty on one end for a prostitution ring in Moscow on the other, degradation, depression and dark, dark horror become the norm. After three months she is sold into a factory to “produce children” in another part of the country. It is almost inhumane to tell of what happens to these children – suffice to say that some – the prettier ones - are sold onto agents from the Gulf states, while the rest are murdered for the sale of their organs, many after being used in the making of child pornography videos. The women are then treated like cattle, brutalized and beaten for their bodies.

In such a situation, one would ask if God exists at all. Stephen Fry’s expedient cry to our creator - "Why should I respect a capricious, mean minded, stupid God who creates a world which is so full of injustice and pain" – is almost justified. But for those of us who worship in the storms, the answer may tarry, but it comes. The God of Heaven hears our heroine’s cry and works to bring about her escape, to bring about the destruction of the factory and the release of all the women. And not for one second are her children forgotten about; God brings her children back to her. As it says in the Bible: ”The Lord is near to the broken-hearted, and saves the crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34:18) and “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” (Psalm 147:3).

In such a situation, one would ask if God exists at all

Let us go back to the beginning once more. Before being trafficked, the lady had sometimes attended a church in her village. She had faith in God. And so in this time of extreme trial, the reality of that faith is tested to the hilt. Along with others that follow her lead in the factory, her crushed spirit calls on God.

And God begins to answer.

A male minder became sympathetic to her plight and the plight of some of her praying friends. He starts to bring them chocolate. Then he says he will drug the dogs one night so that three of them can escape unnoticed.

He was true to his word, and the three got away through the woods, our heroine pregnant at the time. They had almost reached the frontier of the autonomous region where they were being held when guards from the factory, realizing there had been an escape, caught up with them. One woman was shot dead. The other two feigned death, but were subsequently dragged back to the factory for severe beating. However, God had caused the gunshots to be heard by the son of a border guard, who immediately alerted his father, who in turn investigated.

Soon Russian military police pieced information together, assembled a force and stormed the factory. The whole evil enterprise was shut down.

Our lady was now falling in and out of a coma. She was taken to a hospital in Moscow, where, while unconscious, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Her youngest daughter, conceived in the factory, now brings much joy and love to her mother and others

The women imprisoned at the factory were released from their captivity, and later, through DNA testing, most mothers had their children returned to them, including our heroine, who was reunited with her 18-month old daughter…

Our lady made her way back to her home country. She was reunited with her two older children, who had stayed behind and were being looked after by their grandparents. One day, our lady was in the market of the nearby town, when she recognized a classmate from her schooldays. This classmate was now the wife of a pastor, and through this encounter God begins an extensive trauma counselling for our lady.

Her youngest daughter, conceived in the factory, now brings much joy and love to her mother and others. It is telling that God gave grace to our lady to carry a child of rape. And so, in difference to a creator of sickness and pain, we see that it is just God’s mercy that these brutalized trafficked souls were brought back to the land of the living. God heard the prayers of the trafficked woman. It resulted in rescue, and in the closure of the factory, the release of all the women, and mothers being reunited with their children.

Our heroine has contact with very few who had been enslaved with her.  Without an anchor in God, some commit suicide and some become addicted to drugs. Family, villagers and even church folk are uneasy with and often reject the small number of women who manage to return home after being trafficked. They are seen as soiled prostitutes. Our heroine testifies that Christ is all to her, and she has power from the Saviour even to minister to those who reject her.

And this is where you can help. Prayers are still requested for the safety of the family – they need continued protection. Some time ago, a man in the spider web network of these gangster traffickers arrived in the village and demanded that the youngest daughter be handed over, because “she had been paid for”.

As you give praise to God for how He acts to save the crushed in spirit who call upon Him in truth, remember those at this moment who are held in captivity, that they will call upon the name of their creator in faith. Remember too those Christian women who are back home, that they will continue to bind themselves to Christ, the Man of Freedom, and that they and their children will be kept protected and secure.


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