5 ways your daughter can be more confident

Tanith Carey is an award-winning journalist and author, who writes for a variety of publications across the world. Her best-selling book, 'Girls Uninterrupted', looks at the steps parents can take to build stronger girls in a challenging world. From her latest book 'Girl Uninterrupted', we drew 5 tips that can help your daughter to be more confident.


1. Communicate


Spend time talking with your daughter. Communication builds trust and strengthens the bond between you. You’ll also learn more about her and understand her better.





2. Let her express herself


It’s important to let her express herself, even if she’s talking about things that may not interest you. Avoid bringing the conversation to a close and simply listen. She may be trying to tell you something really important.




3. Set aside time


Take some time out and spend it with your daughter. It could be as simple as an afternoon in a coffee shop or a girly pamper session. She needs your time, even if she doesn’t admit it.





4. Right the wrongs


Correct and explain the ‘perfectionist’ image that the media often presents to young girls and expose the lies of air brushing and plastic surgery; reaffirm her of her beauty and self worth.





5. Sex and relationships 


Be open and transparent with your daughter about what a good relationship looks like and help her to recognise what constitutes a bad one, so she makes the right decision in the future.




Click play below to listen to Tanith Carey on Inspirational Breakfast, as she talks about mixed messages from the media and what it takes to build a strong young woman in today's society.

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