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Premier's Mum of the Year 2016

On Mothering Sunday sons and daughters up and down the country will be honouring and thanking God for their mothers. We invited you to nominate your Mum as ‘Premier’s - Mum of the Year’ and from Monday 29th February on Premier Christian Radio's Inspirational Breakfast andPremier Gospel's Breakfast Show you can hear the five finalists as selected by our judging panel.

The winner will be announced on Big Breakfast on Saturday 5 March on Premier Christian Radio and Premier Gospel.

The winning Mum will receive:

  • A 1 week holiday in Samos for 2 thanks to Richmond Holidays, including flights, transfers and accommodation on a half board basis, valued at £2,000.
  • The prize also includes optional participation in RYA sailing/windsurf courses run at the RYA centre on the beach for both the winner and travel companion.


See all of the nominated Mums...

Denise nominated Betty (Elizabeth) saying “My mum is the kindest and most giving person I know”

Katie nominated Caroline saying “God has used my mum to show me how to 'overcome evil by doing good' - I am forever thankful for her.”

Rachel nominated Josephine saying “My mum is always there for me no matter what. She's amazing!”

Ronnie nominated Melanie saying “ She really is the best mother I could ever ask for .”

Michele nominated Margaret saying “In her presecence you feel so comfortable - she has a heart for the world and i love her”

Eve nominated Angela saying “My mum loves us unconditionally even when we get on her last nerves.”

Deidree nominated GRACE saying “Her love for her family is beyond measure.”

Favour nominated Maria Stella saying “My mum is indeed an extraordinary mum. We promise to make her life sweeter when we grow up.”

Mary nominated Jacqueline saying “She is the most wonderful mum in the world, an amazing mentor and my best friend.”

Ruby nominated Tracy saying “My mum is an AMAZING woman of God. She is an all round blessing!”

Adedamola nominated Olatundun saying “My mum has always been my pillar and my rock. She is my HERO.”

Neil nominated Jean saying “She passed her life wisdom on to me.  ”

Rachel nominated Irene saying “My Mum is my rock, friend, soul mate and everything else you can imagine.”

Bola nominated Rachel saying “My mum is one in a million.”

Kelechi nominated Grace saying “I would love to bless my Mother back and show her how much she is appreciated.”

Gwen nominated Margaret saying “A lovely, humble  lady who, at this stage of life, deserves to know how used and loved by God she still is.”

Abi nominated Irene saying “My mum (Flyrene as she is fondly known) is a super mummy.”

Tim nominated Cheryl saying “My friends say I am lucky to have a mum like mine. I tell them it's not luck - God put her there. That's why my mum is special.”

Emma nominated Susan saying “My mum as been a rock to me.”

Jennifer nominated Maureen saying “She truly is my superwoman.”

Esther nominated Lynne saying “What makes her special? Her amazing heart for others!”

Janet nominated Sian saying “My mum is always busy, always available and always happy to help.”

David nominated Tracey saying “A prime example of what a true inspirational Christian lady and mother should be, and someone I'm very proud to call my mum.”

Dawn nominated Bette saying “Bette is full of life and fun with an amazing generous heart and I am blessed to have her as my mother!”

Sheila nominated Doreen saying “Mum will be 99 on 21st February 2016. She is an inspiration to all her family.  She will let nothing beat her.”

Rebecca nominated Caroline saying “My mum is incredible. She is someone that model's Jesus’ love for us, without ever realising she is doing it.”

Ngozi Juliette nominated Maureen saying “My Mother-in-law is absolutely awesome. She is the epitome of a virtuous woman.”

Sheba nominated Jayaseeli saying “The list is endless”

Marsha nominated Linnette saying “My mum is the most humble, kind-hearted person I know, …we are thankful to God for her life.”

Sarah nominated Susan saying “She has always stood by me and supported me in all that I do. She is my best friend and strongest supporter.”

Lee nominated Marion saying “May peace be with you.”

Jessee nominated Amarilis saying “Best. Mum. Ever.  Love you, Mami.”

Kate nominated Teresa saying, “She gives her time, her energy, her skills - all wrapped up in her love.”

Sharon nominated Marie saying “If there's anyone that knows about sacrifice, it's truly my mother.”

Elizabeth nominated Marjorie saying “the kind of hero who goes graciously, uncompromisingly and quietly about blessing others, sacrificing her own needs, every day.”

Carol nominated Ruth saying “Praise God.”

Vanessa nominated Dahlia saying “My mother is the rock of our family, the go-to person whenever anybody needs advice, help or just a good laugh.”

Joan nominated Ioni saying “I am nominating my adopted mum (I call her mum Brown). She is Brent`s Mother Theresa, always looking after and caring for others. Praise God, Amen.”

Amelia nominated Amanda saying “Such an inspiration to everyone”

Dominic nominated Paula saying “Mum is always there for us… she is the best.”

Jessica-Ann nominated Caroline saying “My mum is amazing; she is constantly serving and blessing others at work, church and in the community.”

Eliza nominated Jo saying “I want to say to my mum that I love her more then she will know.”

Claire nominated Hazel saying “My Mother is a shining diamond. She is known among most people for her unselfish, giving and loving nature.”

Julia nominated Gillian saying “My mum is phenomenal. She takes care of others like they are her children.”

Samuel nominated Nicola saying “My mum should win best mum of the year because she is brilliant. She has helped me through loads of stuff through prayer.”

Danielle nominated Freda saying “When I think of ways to describe my mum, I picture a beautiful lioness; fearlessly protective of her cubs. I pray that one day I can come close to the person she is.”

Melanie nominated Susan saying “She is the most loving caring mum ever. I don't know what I would do without her”

Sharon nominated Cherrida saying “If mothers were like mine, children would strive successfully with richly anchored self-esteem, unstoppable determination and an unbeatable spirit.”

Deborah nominated Margaret saying “my mum is the best mum in the world as she nursed me every month for 7 months while I went through chemotherapy”

Brandon nominated Meike saying “My mum works very hard to give me and my brother nice things but she always makes time to take us to church which is the nicest thing.”

Obadiah nominated Esther saying “My mum…instilled the love and power of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ in our hearts and minds until this day.”

Emma nominated Yvonne saying “she's one in a million. They broke the mould when making my Mum. I'm extremely proud”

Colin nominated Elizabeth saying “She is missed a lot.”

Samantha nominated Jeannette saying “She is a true Diamond and the Lynchpin of our Family.”

Nisrine nominated Feriel-lu saying “Mum is my very best friend and a shining Christian light for me in this dark time.”

Andrea nominated Daphne saying “She's a diamond!”

Alisha nominated Kirsty saying “I love my mum. She always help others never puts her self first”

Gethin nominated Sarah saying “I could not speak more highly of her as she is the best mum in the world.”

Lauren nominated Janice saying “My mum […] is loyal, kind and caring.”

Osian nominated Sarah saying “She has a great heart and always puts others in front of herself.”

Serena nominated Albertha saying “My Mum is one-in-a-million and is my best friend. She's great fun and a laugh a minute.”

Darell nominated Eileen saying “My mother also shares her testimony with everyone she meets of how God did not give up on her when she had almost entirely given up on herself.”

Beth nominated Maggie saying “Mum has always been a source of dependable support and counselling in and out of church, mentoring and coming alongside people in their own crises.”

Susie nominated Valerie saying “My mum has been an absolute rock to our family over 2015.”

Kim nominated Enniah saying “She is the best mum - one in a million”

Psam nominated Siobhan saying “She bonds the whole family together.”

Abigail nominated Ann saying “My mum has always been there for all of us, never let us down.”

Nontando nominated Angela saying “Words are unable to express fully how awesome my mum has been over the years but in 2015 she has been a tower of strength and I would be lost without her.

Adam nominated Kathleen saying “Mum  fought for me when I was born as she knew I had a problem with my eyes. She made sure I got the support I needed.”

KOJO nominated MATILDA saying “An amazing mother, led me to Christ.”

Susan nominated Felice saying “She is kind and thoughtful. She has worked so hard all her life and always been there for her 3 children and husband.”

Lisa nominated Grace saying “My mum is a godly example to me.  When I have felt like giving up in some ways, she has always encouraged me to go on with our Lord Jesus. “

Rosanna nominated Karin saying “She always thinks of others before herself, she's caring, beautiful, thankful, she's always teaching us more, & she's such an example.”

Naomi nominated Judith saying “Because she ran to my safety after suffering from domestic violence, she also goes the extra mile to help patients at her Gp surgery.”

Johanna nominated Judy saying “I believe that my mum should be mum of the year because she always puts others before herself.”

Stanley nominated Olufemi saying “Her faith in God and strong prayer life have solidified my faith and walk with God. The truth is, I am who and what I am today because of my wonderful mother.”

Elaine nominated Elizabeth saying “Although she wouldn't be able to take a holiday if it was offered I would still like to nominate her because she still sings ''O Lord my God ..... How Great Thou art ''.

Suze nominated Lindsay saying “My mum does amazing things with her church as well as with her brownies.”

Emily nominated Gillian saying “My mum has been a rock of strength.”

Poppy nominated Bren saying “My mother is without a doubt the most wonderful, strong, beautiful, encouraging ladies I have ever met.”

Lucy nominated Lana saying “My mum never fails to put others before her and makes sure that everyone else is alright before she is.”

Christopher nominated Petronia Icyana saying “My 80 year old mother has lovinly, tirelessly and sacrificiallyl,served her family and others throughout her life.”

Shera nominated Jemima saying “She is the epitome of a Proverbs 31 superwoman. She selflessly dedicates her week to helping others.”

Angela nominated 7984608431 saying “My Mum deserves this prize because she has had to deal with overwhelming circumstances and has stood by my side and fought for me when I couldn't fight for myself”

Alee nominated Amarilis saying “My Mum has been quite ill since 2004 and it has not been easy on any of us. She continues to fight day after day to make sure we as girls are taken care of. Even when she's definitely not feeling it”

Emma nominated Susan saying “My mum deserves to win becasue through everything i have been through she has stayed strong for encouraged me including in my faith.”

Kevin nominated Kay saying “When my wife died she gave me a house to live in rent free until I got myself back on my feet. Without her I don't know how I would of coped with the loss of my wife.”

Jude nominated Emily saying “She is always putting first and slaving away helping me and my sister to get to school, also helping out at the youth group at horham baptist church.”

Sarah Bower nominated Rosie saying “My mum is the most loving, humble, caring, nurturing, supportive, devoted and beautifully-spirited woman I know!”

Elena nominated Helen saying “I think my mother is amazing in every way.this year she has taken on the role of carer for her elderly brother as well as helping my son when he came back from travelling to set up his business.”

Sophie nominated Cheryl saying “My Mum always looks to the needs of other people before herself, and is so kind and selfless. She brings love and humour, a sense of adventure and family to my life.”

Caroline nominated Gamu saying “Since I can remember, mum’s life has been about everyone else. Mum serves anyone wholeheartedly with humility, gentleness & love and it does exhaust her.”

Chloe nominated catherine saying “She has inspired me to do better for myself and for my children she has helped me so much and taught me a lot.”

Diane nominated Agnes saying “My mum has always been there for me through difficult births, my son being autistic in fact she raised my children due to my ill health.”

Sara-Leah nominated Nikki saying “My mum has been a rock for me. She is a happy bubbly fun woman who deserves soo much.”

Kemi nominated Yemi saying “My mother doesn't just deserve to be mum of the year but best in the world. She left Nigeria several years ago to Bulgaria to provide her children with more opportunities.”

Daniella nominated Galia saying “My mother is a woman of God and whenever i doubt him she reassures me that he is there with me. She is a very faithful and very kind woman of God.”

Donna nominated Kathleen saying “Through everything my mum has been the strength of our family.  She really needs a break.”

Joanne nominated Shirley saying “My mum is the most caring and special lady I know, she has spent her life praising God and praying for more opportunities to help spread God’s word.”

Kai nominated Mona saying “My mum should win as every year she does all the jobs like ironing taking out the rubbish. She is loving and caring mother who wishes the best for us.”

Kendra nominated Jemima saying “My mum has always been a helper from what I've seen and has taught me how to be a girl that clings on to the Lord and trust in him through every situation.”

Chisom nominated So-oso saying “My mum always finds a way to brighten up people's situations. Whether it's through her words, her smile or just her presence, she is always a joy to be around :).”

Steven nominated Susan saying “She has been battling colon cancer and other medical issues,  and just before Christmas the situation became so bad the doctors gave her a week to live. She is still with us and thanks to Almighty God she is fighting and improving”

Chisom nominated So-oso saying “My mum always finds a way to brighten up people's situations. Whether it's through her words, her smile or just her presence, she is always a joy to be around :).”

Deanne nominated Dawn saying “God truly blessed me with a wonderful woman He chose to be my mum.”

Diane nominated Felecia saying “She has given us life legacy of love, truth, respect and honour through everything she does”

Eboni nominated Belinda saying “she is also always trying her best to look after me and my sisters and my brother..and she is an extra ordinary person”

Nigel nominated Dorothy saying “My mom is a strong lady with a strong faith.  She is also a very kind lady and helps my brother and I with our lives both financially and spiritually.”

Joshua nominated Kathryn saying “My mummy is the best mummy in the world! She is the best because she is kind, gentle and cuddly to us.”

Leanne nominated Claudette saying “Selfless, patient and authentic are just a few words to describe our mum.We've an outstanding mother that should be recognised for her unfailing commitment to her family and unshakable faith in God.”

Joseph nominated his mum saying “She is polite, kind and caring.”

Oliver nominated Nicola saying “She is always there for me and and loves me no matter what. When she gets angry (although it happens rarely) she still loves me and she sorts it out as soon as she can.”

Narek nominated Roubina saying “My Mum is tops because she cooks my favourite food,chicken and rice. My Mum is homely,kind and caring,and makes people laugh.”

Laetitia nominated Laetitia saying “ She has never let go. Her favourite sentence is "God will provide"”

Melanie nominated Vivien saying “I am proud to have been given by God such a wonderful, loving Mum.”

Hannah nominated Alice saying “She is the bravest and most wonderful and forgiving person I know, and I couldn't think of anyone more deserving.”

Kirsty nominated Liz saying “Putting her children first, whilst working full time as a carer.”

Kim nominated Jean saying “ A thoroughly modern Mother, she’s ahead of the rest and is the very best!!”

Catherine nominated Myriam saying “It also surprises me how she wants to assist me and yet help other ladies and when I see them they call her mum. This ministers my heart and shows me that she is amazing with me and other individuals .”

Elijah (Written on Elijah's behalf by his godmother) nominated Onessa saying “I know it is hard for her sometimes but she always trusts that God is in control. She is the best mum in the world!”

Jennifer nominated Jill saying “My mum has been my rock and my angel.”

Chauntelle nominated Rosaline saying “she she prays everyday and trust God for provision.”

Isabella nominated Linzi saying “My mum has always, always been there for me even in the roughest of days and she will never stop being there and loving me.”

Anastasia nominated Gina saying “Throughout my life I've watched my Mum share the Gospel at almost any given opportunity, I'll admit it used to really embarrass me but now as a Christian myself I am constantly inspired by her.”

Ruby nominated Chantal saying “I vote for my mum because she is amazing and has done some excellent work ”

Sally nominated Pam saying “She is a real prayer warrior and we know that when we have problems she is praying for us.”

Honey nominated Liane saying “she is so strong and is the Heart and soul of my life I would not be here if it wasn't for my mum.”

Natasha-Rhoda nominated Pamela saying “My mum has fostered children, whom have now gone on to have kids themselves. From the bottom of my heart I believe that my mum is not only mum of the year, but mum of a lifetime.”

Lori nominated Georgina saying “she is the best mum ever and if anyone had a mum like her they would be so proud just like me”

Jade nominated Ann saying “Well I think my nan who has taken over the role to be a mum for me should win premier mum of the year because she is loving, caring person who puts everyone first. She's my rock. I love you nana! ”

Patricia nominated Rachael saying “She gave everything up to look after her family. She prays everyday for Gods grace and continues to look after her family without hesitation.”

Ade nominated Funmi saying “My mum has helped me become dilligent, thoughtful and resilient.”

Aruay nominated Flora saying “My mother has encouraged my siblings and myself through everything we want to do.”

Olivett nominated Cherrida saying “She has shown me God's love for me through the way she has been there for me in my life.”

Matthew nominated Isabel saying “Without my Mum I would have stayed in my autism bubble and never met Jesus, or the world outside.  Her love makes my world go round.”

Colin nominated his sister Lucy on behalf of her young children saying “I am in awe of what she is able to achieve with a life dedicated to God.”

Georgina nominated Joanna saying “She always finds time for me and always shows me the way back to God.”

Hannah nominated Juliet saying “My mum's work is amazing, despite a ban on my father travelling to Pakistan, she bravely continues her aid work.  Mum also founded "Kingdom Ministries" in 2015, an Urdu speaking church that has brought 12 Sikh families to Christ.”

Kimberley nominated Wendy saying “My mum has always given everything of herself to her family, church and community.”

Frances nominated Bridget saying “she is helpful to her neighbours and has been there for neighbours and visitors outside the family too helping them through tough times and practically too as well as caring and letting her home be a safe haven”

Lauren nominated Lisa saying “She never gives up, despite a lot of challenges with my Brother, because she totally believes in him.”

Lizzie nominated Ann saying “she helps people who most people wouldn't even given a chance too! Her heart is so big she will never ever stop doing this until she dies!”

Judith nominated her daughter-in-law Rachael saying that she is “the strong, quiet but amazing foundation of a great family.”

Nicola nominated Cathie saying “She is an inspiration and I wouldn't be where I am today without her input”

Lucinda nominated Rosamund saying “My Mum has always put all three of her children and our needs way before herself and her needs.”

Louise nominated Rebecca saying “Alongside being a fantastic wife, and embodiment of motherhood, [..] she is an invaluable pillar in our Church.”

Eunice nominated Christiana saying “Christiana has always been a bright light in people's lives despite the circumstances she has gone through, she has not allowed it to make her bitter or resentful.”

Folakemi nominated Mosunmola saying “I love her spirit and how she can praise God through the toughest of times.”

Ruth nominated Carol saying “her faith maintains her and she provides for the family financially and remembers birthdays and gifts always sending a word of encouragement and God's blessing and keeps battling on in spite of dire personal neglect”

Damilola nominated Olasumbo saying “My mum has always been my hero.”

Miriam nominated Jenny saying “she's been nothing but selfless and Christ-like throughout many challenges, never complaining, always accepting and always giving of her time and expertise.”

Sarah nominated Lynda saying “She just most wonderful mum in the world and she always puts people first before herself.”

Rebecca nominated Heather saying “My mum has been a constant source of support”

Elizabeth nominated Jill saying “Mum has fought for (where necessary) and supported me tirelessly ever since. I also know that she is at the other end of the telephone line, in a crisis, or just for a chat”

Emmanuel nominated Funsho saying “She has given back so much to the community through her evangelism to young children in primary schools, teaching children in Sunday school, and still believes that her work is not yet completed ”

Sarah nominated Beryl saying “My Mum has always given her life for others. Over the last year, despite her own heartaches, she has given of herself in everyway.”

Natalie nominated Angela saying “I’m so thankful she’s my mum and I know that there are many adopted sons and daughters who would echo my gratitude. Mama J the superstar!”

Rebecca nominated Pam saying “ As a Christian, she show us that when you love someone, it means sacrifice - she always puts others first, often at the expense of her own needs. She demonstrates a life where Christ is at the centre of all she does.”

Carrie nominated Kim saying “My mum finds true joy and purpose in helping those who need it most. My mum is an over comer with a heart of Gold.”

Mona nominated Gillian saying “She is so caring, understanding, friendly, never judges anyone, and deserves a break!  She's a happy face in the community loved by many, making friends everywhere she's goes.”

Aaron nominated Kim saying “My mum is always there for me and I love her to the moon and back many many times.”

Paula nominated Severina saying “She has been a tower of strength to us all even as her own heart has broken.”

Harriet nominated Carole saying “She's been incredibly supportive of all we've done.”

Martine nominated Mel saying “My mum is one of the most loving caring & self sacrificial people I know. She is a ray of light in my life & so many others, so it's a genuine heartfelt overflowing joy to write this with tears in my eyes.”

Hayley nominated Kim saying “she always puts others first. She deserves this!”

Nwanne nominated Uju saying “my mum has been the rock of the family. She has always been strong and kept us all going in the toughest of times.”

Karen nominated Beryl saying “my mum was behind  bringing my whole family to Christ. My mum has been an invaluable influence on our lives.”

Jenny nominated Julia saying “Mum has always been a proverbs 31 type of mum to me although she wouldn't agree!! and has really had to be strong despite the unknown for my sister.”

Samantha nominated Jeannette saying “She has stood by me through life's ups and downs her faith and trust and Love for me has never Faltered .she has always been stood firm and been a shining guiding light in my life.”

Ella nominated Julie saying “I will never be able to thank her enough for all that's she's done and sacrificed for not only me but our whole family, she's the glue and her hugs are like no other.”

Lucy nominated Beatrice saying “We haven't always been easy to deal with, but she has never given up on us and for that I am always grateful.”

Grier nominated Julie saying “The list goes on of why I want to follow in my mums steps: feeding the homeless, sending socks out to Thailand for the poor and her open door policy. She's awesome.”

Maureen nominated Yvonne Jean saying “Auntie Yvonne as I fondly call her  is my Foster Mother. It's people like her who God uses to mend broken hearts and to carry on.”

Adaeze nominated Ngozi saying “My mum is inspirationally selfless”

Rachel nominated Linda saying “Such an inspiration and I can honestly say that If I'm half the mum to my children as my mum has been to us, I've most definitely succeeded In life!”

Nukki nominated Sally saying “she has the patience of a saint and never moans about her own health issues.  She is simply the best.”

Jonathan nominated Ruth saying “My mum's devotion to those around her is as strong today as it has ever been, she really would do anything for anyone.”

Patrick nominated Comfort saying “she started a widow and orphan charity […] and what i found most remarkable was the fact it comes from my mums pocket and she doesn't boast about it.”

Georgiq nominated Tracey saying “My mum has always been my superhero. She's caring and loving to everyone.”

William nominated Claudia, L saying “My Daddy died after a short illness at the age of 46. Living without him is very, very hard may he rest in peace. My mum still carries on and try to keep me happy.”

Carmen nominated Elisabeth saying “she is a pillar in our community and a star which lights up our home. We love her she is a living testimony to me that with God all things are possible as she lives what she preaches.”

Aye Marie nominated Anita saying “she is the light of the world through the way she serves, sacrifices and uplifts others.”

Amanda nominated Jenny saying “She has […] become a rock for the other family members.”

Angel nominated Esther saying “she is the mum who God has looked over throughout her years as a gift to the world.”

Phyllis nominated Selena saying “She has taught me to stand still and through the quietness to listen, to open my heart.  She has made me feel very precious, loved and has given me the strength to live the life that she has given me to the full”

Bryher nominated Ceri saying “She kept me alive, believed in me and loved me wholly.”

Jai nominated Olufemi saying “She is a mother who puts prayer at the forefront of every single activity and constantly encourages us to start each day with prayer.”

Sarah nominated Keri saying “she will always be my hero and I am proud to call her my mum”

Danielle nominated Pauline saying “Without her, we would be without a caring, loving, beautiful, godly, family orientated, hilarious, hard-working wife and mother.”

Chisom nominated Eucharia saying “Just as Proverbs 31:25 says 'She is clothed with strength and dignity, and laughs without fear of the future'.”

Ellis nominated Karen saying “My mum is my best friend and number one supporter.”

Rachel nominated Bhari saying “Mum has been the biggest encourager to not only myself, but to so many others as well.”

Hayley nominated MARGARET saying “I love my mum to the moon and back. She always gets me back on track!!”

Rebecca nominated her mum saying “If there was anyway I could put a smile on her face and start to repay her for the things she has done for me I would be eternally grateful!”

Mike nominated Rebecca saying “I have never met a more amazing person than my mother. I am eternally grateful to her for everything and she is 100% mother of the year”

Yasmin nominated Jameson saying “She will do anything for anyone before herself”

Lorraine nominated Susan saying “i am glad she's finally content at life and with herself.”

Louise nominated Donna saying “My mum is the mum of the year for no special reason except for being there. Its been a hard few years for her but she has remained positive throughout”

Amelie nominated Maretha saying “I have always been inspired by my mom and the amazing things she has done for a lot of people.”

Thomas-Henry nominated Rita saying “My Mum is not famous or important in the world's eyes but is all that and more to me.”

Brian nominated his mum saying “she is the rock of the family looks after every single one of us including the dog”

Sian nominated Deirdre saying “She sacrificed a great deal to give us the best she was able, always putting our needs before her own.”

Luke nominated Janet saying “She is more than a mum to be I can call her one of my best friends.”

Lydia nominated Anne saying “she has always helped me through tough times and helped me to hold on to Jesus.”

Steven nominated Margaret saying “my mum has been my rock & my daughter's rock & if it had not been for her then I just do not know what I / we would have really done without her”

Bianca nominated Althea saying “She is irreplaceable, she is unique, she is a true woman of God and most of all she is my best friend!”

Amara nominated Eucharia saying “my mum has been there for me like no other person. Through all situations, night and day, right by my side.”

Amira nominated Gillian saying “She is the best”

Jevgenyija nominated Ludmilla saying “she is always here for me when i need her! And i hope she will be with us for a long long time!”

Sophia nominated Mary saying “She always makes time to help everyone”

Alan nominated his mum saying “a loving mum and daughter to my nan who is blind who she cares for.”

Anna nominated Pauline saying “She is the rock of our family.”

Abigail nominated Rebecca saying “I can honestly say I would give my left arm to be like her when I get older.”

Marie nominated Christine saying “Because she's simply the Best Mum Ever! none can compare”

Christopher nominated Iyabo saying “She is one of the reasons I became born again in 2014. I just can’t help but love her.”

Charlotte nominated Chrissie saying “She inspires me to be a better person and I cannot wait to be like her when i grow up.”

Nathaniel nominated Sally-Ann saying “She is always there for us – in the good and the bad – willing to listen and be there for us.”

Mohmaed nominated Aysha saying “I would not know how I would survive with  out seeing my mum everyday and being there for me physically.”

Norma nominated Rachel saying “She loved us so much that she put her life on the line for us all and we can never repay that.”

Andrea nominated Ann saying “She has stuck by my through thick and thin”

Lynsey nominated Christine saying “ She means the world to me and is my inspiration to succeed and follow my dreams”

Gary nominated Mary saying “I love and appreciate her for changing my life around.”

Maame nominated Rebecca saying “I want to nominate my mum as she introduced premier to me when I was 10 years old I have never looked back. ”

Wihan nominated Maretha saying “She is a great role model and I can learn very much from her.”

Timothy nominated Lorna saying “My mum has been through a bit of a roller coaster year. Her full time role is a foster carer for vulnerable children, with the aim to get children back on track and prepared for adoption, involving young children and babies.”

Daniel nominated Ilene saying “She's always encouraging us to put more time into the things of God, when we've been despondent.”

Ben nominated Gail saying “She in a lot of ways, is a typical mum, never thinking of herself and always putting her family first. But in the type of circumstances she has been through in the last year, she has been an inspiration!”

Hannah nominated Elizabeth saying “We may not always see eye to eye but my mother portrays so many aspects of a phenomenal woman - I thank God daily for making her mine.”

Cora nominated her mum saying “My mum has been super supportive with me following my dreams.”

Tamika nominated Ionie saying “She's been there for us even though her pain is still there! Thanks Mum, we've needed your support!”

Olivia nominated Val saying “She supported me last week on valentines day when I was baptised. She gave me a radio as my baptism gift so I too can listen! ”

Jamie nominated Christine saying “she is the best Mum in the world. Mum keeps us all neat and tidy and well fed, having our lunch boxes made up every night for us for school.”

Ikenna nominated Bose saying “My mum deserves the mum of the year because she has done everything she can to be the best mum for me and my 3 younger brother and sisters. ”

Rebecca nominated Linda saying “She sacrificing everything for her family, she works as much as she can doing as many jobs as she can to always provide for us. She is the kindest, most loving woman.”

Chloe nominated Mamie saying “This year marks the 1st year anniversary since my nans death and I know that my mum is not looking forward to mothers day. I want her to feel special and know that she is loved”

Kerry nominated Heather saying “Because she looks after others and is a very caring, kind person. She thinks of everyone before herself and deserves a treat.”

Lois and Vania nominated Benedicta saying “She encourages us and always tells us that we can do it. And most of all, she loves us soooo much. ”

Roubina nominated Sue saying “Sue is my God given mom. I came this country about 15 years ago. I always praying to GOD to give me a mum which i could  trust and guide my in this country.”

Nannette nominated Sussie saying “My mother is the mother of all mothers”

Hannah nominated Titilayo saying “she has done so much for me.”

Nicholas nominated ADERLAID saying “My mum needs to know how she is celebrated not tolerated. Amen thanks Mum.”

Holly nominated Sally saying “she's still standing strong and is extremely helpful and kind to those all around her”

Rob nominated Stella saying “I love my Mum. I am proud that I am her son.”

Lily nominated Mercy saying “Your act of kindness to all and sundry worth emulating”

Justine nominated Irene saying “there is not a day that she does not greet you with a big smile and a cup of tea.”

Katy C nominated Annie saying “she's always there for me and rarely thinks of herself first”

Katie nominated Lisa saying “My mum is one of a kind. Always helping and looking after everyone”

Melissa nominated her mum saying “She is one of the most selfless women I know she is amazing.”

Neil (Dad) & Harrison (1years old, son) nominated Jodie saying “My momma bear has been the greatest this year!”

Andria nominated Maria saying “We could not have asked for a better mum.”

Lisa nominated her mum saying “she always puts other people before herself.”

Damian nominated Catherine saying “My mum […]took care of my son who I had to leave behind while I was on military tour. I put her through a lot and now that I am back, I really want to make it up to her!”

Catherin nominated Elaine saying “because we lost dad last year and she has been our rock”

Elizabeth nominated Florence saying “I love her with all my heart and I thank God everyday for Him giving me a mother like her.”

Naomi-Ruth nominated Marie saying “She's loving and kind, and always knows what is troubling my mind. Mmy mum always knows what to say, and she always makes my day!”

Joshua nominated Ady saying “She is the one that ,when I am losing and things are not going well in football, always cheers me on and encourages me.”

Barbara nominated Shelagh saying “she is kind, beautiful and is always there for me.”

David nominated Elizabeth saying “In a world which can sometimes be dark...she brings a light of love. I  blessed to have her as my mother...my angel”

Hapy nominated Kanchan saying “I am so thankful to her!”

Freya nominated Marcia saying “My mum is always there for us. I want to remind her that these things don't go ignored.”

Ben nominated Liz saying “Mum i love you dearly, God bless you for all that you do and your prayers.”

Arissa nominated Gissel saying “She works so hard, we love her so much.”

Jonathan nominated Olive saying “She makes us all smile, full of joy and happiness.”

Dean nominated Karen saying “She's funny. She's crazy. She makes a great fry up. She makes sure we feel loved”

Michelle nominated Lynn saying “My mother has been so inspirational in my life. God has blessed me with an angel and I'm forever grateful.”

Charlotte nominated Shirley saying “She is one in a million and even though she's not my mum by blood she goes above and beyond for what she does for me and I want to show with this award you can be a step mum but still be mum of the year.”

Chantelle nominated Toni saying “I would like to nominate my mum for being my hero, my best friend and most of all my mum!!”

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