Forget about the price tag?

Should Christians live life in luxury or simplicity? This is an issue that can divide many in the church and some would argue that a luxurious lifestyle might take the focus off of Christ, whilst others may feel pressured to ‘keep up appearances’ within their congregation.


From the early noughties, the media has been promoting the luxury lifestyle through reality shows like The Real Housewives and The Only Way Is Essex; subtly drawing us into believing that we should also be living that lifestyle too. Using a clever concept, the 2003 US reality show The Simple Life made celebrity daughters Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton swap their pent houses and Jags for a semi-detached townhouse and a pickup truck when they stepped out of their luxurious lifestyles and into a much simpler one.


Although clearly scripted for entertainment purposes, the blatant contrast between what their norm was and what they had to adjust to, was evident and at the end of each episode, the moral lesson ‘less is more’ was usually learned by the girls. Living with the bare necessities, driving inexpensive cars, wearing non branded clothing and eating home cooked dinners were just some of the adjustments that were made, but viewers watched Nicole and Paris’ unenthusiastic and unimpressed attitudes transform into flickers of appreciation and humility as time went on. However, from a Christian perspective, is it ok to live luxury lifestyles or does God want us to live modest and simple lives?


Listen to Maria Rodrigues as she discusses and explores this hot topic on Woman to Woman.

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