Revolution in Rome

A year on from his inauguration, Pope Francis is showing signs of being the most charismatic Pope we’ve seen yet. What impact is he having on the UK’s Catholic charismatics? 

‘Let’s give each other a spiritual hug and let God complete the work that he’s begun. This is a miracle; the miracle of unity... He will complete this miracle.’ 

Not perhaps the sort of words that you’d expect from the Pope. But then again, who would have predicted that the Pontiff would film an informal video message on a friend’s iPhone for broadcast to the attendees of an American Pentecostal leaders’ conference? 


Does the Catholic Church need to modernise?

As Pope Francis enters his second year of papacy, Justin is joined by Hans Kung, one of the most influential and controversial Catholic theologians in the world.

He debates his radical liberalising ideas for the future of Catholicism with traditional Catholic Peter D Williams, including ordination of women, opening up communion to remarried couples and Protestants.


A year in office

Last year Jorge Mario Bergoglio was picked to be Pope. And since Pope Francis took the helm he has revolutionised the Vatican. But after just 9 months in the job Pope Francis was named Person of the Year by Time magazine. He's pulled the papacy out of the palace and onto the streets. Rarely has a new player on the world stage captured so much attention so quickly - young and old, faithful and cynical.

The former cardinal archbishop of Buenos Aires named himself Francis after a 12th Century Italian saint who turned his back on an aristocratic lifestyle to work with the poor.

So has the Pope reinvigorated the Catholic Church or is he just a product of good PR, as some observers have suggested?

Michael Walsh is a historian of the Papacy and edits the Oxford Dictionary of Popes - so he knows a thing or two about the Holy see. The Inspirational Breakfast team asked him how he'd describe the Pope's first year in office.

Michael Walsh

Londoners give their take on the new Pope

He has world famous #selfies, a recurring trending topic on Twitter -  with almost four million followers. They call him "The Pope of the people". But exactly how has the new Pope revolutionised the Catholic Church?

Premier intern, Dami, spoke to people in the capital to see what they think.

vox pop

Papal pilgrimage

The Pope had a three day visited to Holy Land recently. It was Pope Francis' first trip as pontiff to the Holy Land. He visited the Jordanian capital Amman on Saturday followed by Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the West Bank. 

John Allen is associate editor of the Boston Globe and the senior Vatican analyst for CNN. He's also the author of nine books on the Vatican and Catholic affairs, and is also a popular speaker on Catholic affairs both in the United States and internationally. He spoke with Lisa and Michael ahead of the visit, as he would be joining the Pope on the papal plane.

John Allen

The Pope's astronomer

Brother Guy Consolmagno is the lead astronomer for Pope Francis. As part of our Revolution in Rome series, he gives Premier's Justin Brierley an insight to life in the Vatican, what his work actually entails, faith and science, and his own personal story.

Pope's astronomer

Pope Francis: Untying the knots

On Premier Drive’s Review Panel, Loretta was joined by James Abbot and Lillian Lartley to discuss Paul Vallely's book: Pope Francis: Untying The Knots.

Untying the Knots

Tales of three Popes

Loretta’s guest of the week on Premier Drive was Ted Harrison, author of Tales of Three Popes. The book was released last month to coincide with the canonisation of Popes John Paul II and John XXIII and by Pope Francis.

Three Popes

Charles Whitehead: Coming to faith

You can hear the full interview with Charles Whitehead on The Profile, in association with Premier Christianity magazine, below:

Charles Whitehead

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