From October 2018, DAB radio coverage is expanding so Premier Christian Radio and Premier Praise will be available across more of the country!

We are really pleased that this expansion of coverage will mean that more than 4 million more people will be able to tune in to Premier Christian Radio and Premier Praise! 

If you have previously been unable to find Premier Christian Radio or Premier Praise on our DAB radio, you may need to retune your radio so that it can reset all the available channels. You can check whether your postcode is covered on the online checker at

Retuning is usually fairly straightforward, but every type of radio is different. We have put together the most common methods of retuning, but in some circumstances you may need to consult the manual or contact the manufacturer.

Retuning is easy, and here are some simple instructions. 

Retuning your radio should only take a few minutes. The radio will scan all the channels that are available on DAB and put them in alphabetical order, just like you are used to. Premier Christian Radio will be found as PremierChristian or PremierC on your display.

Most digital radios can be re-tuned using the following simple instructions:

Press the Auto-Tune or Auto-Scan button on your digital radio. 


If there is no Auto-Tune or Auto-Scan button, press the Menu button and go through the options until you find Auto-Tune or Auto-Scan. Select this option.


If these options do not work, or the new stations cannot be found, a further action known as a Full-Scan may be required.  Either press and hold down the Auto-Tune or Auto-Scan button until a Full-Scan begins, or press the Menu button and go through the options until you find Full-Scan or similar. Select this option.

Some radios request the multiplex band frequency, which is 11a.

Restoring your presets 

Resetting your radio (as above) may result in your radio losing its Presets. If you want to restore your Presets, please follow the instructions below:

1. Select your favourite digital radio station on the station list.

2. Hold down the suitable Preset button for 5 seconds.

3. Release Preset button.

A limited number of areas in the UK will still be unable to hear Premier broadcasts on Digital Radio.  You can check if your address is affected by clicking here