New series tops the podcast charts

A growing range of Premier content is available to listen to from our range of podcasts. Faith-building, informative, challenging and provocative content is available to anyone, at any time and from anywhere in the world. 

Whether it’s a leading theologian answering the most challenging Bible questions, a conversation between Christian millennials about life, love, faith and addictions, interviews with Christians in leadership or roundtable discussions with Christian women, Premier has something for you! So here’s a round-up of our latest podcast offerings…

Premier’s new Ask NT Wright Anything podcast tops the charts

A new podcast from Premier where listeners pose tough questions to a top theologian has shot to number one in the UK Religion & Spirituality charts on its release in November 2018.

The Ask NT Wright Anything podcast features internationally renowned Bible scholar NT (Tom) Wright, answering listener questions in a fortnightly show hosted by Premier‘s Theology & Apologetics editor, Justin Brierley. The programme is one of a number of new podcasts being produced by Premier to engage the growing number of people listening to audio content via their smartphones and tablets.

Tom Wright is the former Bishop of Durham and a celebrated author of theologically accessible books such as Surprised by Hope (SPCK) and Paul: A Biography (SPCK). In the first episode of the show Tom faced questions about heaven, the return of Christ and ‘The Rapture’. Such topics have been a key part of Wright’s academic work – recovering the New Testament view of heaven as the ‘new creation’ of earth, rather than a disembodied existence elsewhere.

The show has been well received by listeners around the world. Early reviewers have commented…

“NT Wright is the greatest theologian of our generation. I could sit and listen to this man every day, amazing insight, knowledge, and ability to discern some difficult topics in the Bible.”

“The only bad thing about this podcast is that I can’t yet listen to more episodes! Tom Wright and Justin Brierley have had such a large impact on my theological shifts in recent years. It is wonderful to have a place where hard theological questions can be discussed and presented.”

Produced by Premier in partnership with SPCK and NTWrightOnline, this is the first dedicated podcast covering the thought and theology of NT Wright. Future editions of the show will cover the theology of atonement, St Paul, female leadership, the historical Jesus and evangelism.

To subscribe to the podcast, get updates and raise a question, visit:

Meet the Millennials back for second season

Podcast hosts Elaina Boateng and Esther OG have been recommissioned to create a second season of Meet the Millennials.

Elaina and Esther aim to continue to address everyday matters that the Church may be avoiding – but which directly affect millennials. Season two kicks off with Colourism (prejudicial or preferential treatment of same-race people based solely on their colour). This issue came to the fore recently when derogatory tweets towards dark-skinned women were retweeted and caused a furore. Beauty bloggers Breeny Lee, Daisy Boateng, Adella Afadi and Lavinya Royes share their thoughts and experiences of Colourism, and unpack how they uphold their beauty from society’s narrative with what scripture has to say.

Other episodes will explore parenting, marriage, youth violence, bereavement, sexuality and, of course, sex.

Elaina and Esther want the young people listening to their new series to discover that there are committed Christians like them, who are speaking about the culture they’re living in, in a way that is real, relatable and challenging.

Listen in and make sure you tell your young people to be a part of the conversation by emailing; or use the hashtag #mtmpodcast on Instagram, or on Twitter @premiergospel. Listen today on the Apple Podcast App and Podbean. More information available at

The Premier Interview

Each week a Premier presenter talks to a Christian leader or personality about their life, faith and more. If you haven’t listened to the radio broadcast, then why not listen to the series via podcast.

Whether they’re a local church leader, a senior politician, a musician or a businessperson, listen and be encouraged by the number of Christians in all walks of life who are making a difference through their role, ministry or organisation.

Recent profile interviews have included:

  • Johnnie Moore, the founder of the evangelical advisory board for controversial US President Donald Trump.
  • Rev Dr Inderjit Bhogal OBE, former president of the Methodist Conference and theologian who talks about his life in India and conversion from Sikhism to Christianity.
  • Rachel Gardner, president of the Girls’ Brigade in England & Wales, who talks passionately about youth work, adoption and feminism.
  • John Kirkby, founder of Christians Against Poverty, who talks about the life-changing impact of helping people become debt-free.
  • Bazil Meade, founder of the UKs first gospel choir, London Community Gospel Choir (LCGC). All of our podcasts can be found at: or in iTunes or Podbean.