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As we enter a new year we highlight some great shows from 2016 that you can catch up on or listen to again, plus news of exciting shows on our three radio stations coming up in 2017.

Premier Christian Radio

In November, Noel Treddinick, leader of the All Souls Orchestra and Choir launched an eight-part series called, `All Souls in Praise’ on Premier Christian Radio. Noel is an inspiring and engaging presenter so this is a must-listen and there’s still time to catch it Sunday mornings at 7 am.

You can hear the full series online here.

Premier Praise

Our youngest radio station, Premier Praise which was launched on Easter Sunday 2016 is going from strength to strength. Every week we get feedback from listeners who say they love the prayers for a wide range of issues including money, to relationships, national events. The reflections on life come from a wide range of contributors including; Rob Parsons, of Care for the Family, Rev Alan Sorenson, who is a broadcaster and Church of Scotland minister and Chine McDonald, Director of Communications for the Evangelical Alliance. These reflections introduce our audience to practical messages of faith and how the teachings of Jesus are relevant to their everyday life.

The Premier Praise team have got their listeners involved by introducing a new show called `Praisers’ Playlist’. Listeners from all over the UK have been in touch, left a message and requested their favourite songs then heard themselves on the radio. Praisers Playlist is broadcast every weekday between 12 and 1 p.m. You can make your song request by calling 0303 040 4000. Calls are charged at your usual standard network rate.

Premier Gospel

Premier Gospel has two new programmes for Sundays. Arise and Shine with Paul Lee from 6 am offers a reflective quiet start which leads into a bright, inspirational magazine show called Sunday Morning with Selene Jordan.

Bible in a year

In 2017 listeners across all three radio stations get the chance to listen to the Bible in a year with daily scripture readings. Also be sure to listen out for a range of new programmes which we hope will help you to get more out of reading your Bible and build a better understanding of your Christian faith.

Listen On Demand

We know that you may not always be able to listen to your favourite radio programme at the scheduled broadcast time, so we are working on various ways to ensure some of our best are available to you when you want to listen. You can download featured podcasts including The Sunday Sermon with Jeff Lucas – a weekly message with a dose of Jeff-inspired humour; In the Dock, our legal programme offering Christians insight into the workings of the law and discussion on how it impacts religious freedoms; the Woman to Woman podcast with Maria Rodrigues on Premier Christian Radio. For those interested in apologetics and debates around faith, Unbelievable is ever increasing in popularity. Finally, something for men, Shed Talk is a frank discussion programme from men’s ministry, Christian Vision for Men.

For more details, click here.

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