What Premier means to me

Some of Premier's supporters share what Premier means to them.

I read the Be Still & Know pages in Voice of Hope most days.

Some of the stories in there resonate with my spirit very, very much. Some of the account written by Dr Micha Jazz of his journey with his first wife Katey I really relate to…because similar to what Katey suffered with, my wife has muscular dystrophy. She also had an accident which has left her in a wheelchair. When I read Micha’s devotionals I often think, “Oh, so I’m not the only one that feels like this, or who has gone through these situations and issues.”

Voice of Hope is a really good read for anybody who’s looking for something to cheer them on, and to help with their daily walk with God. Thank-you.

Simon, South Wales

My son has long-term mental health problems.

He’s a Christian but he finds it quite hard to organise things for himself, so he’s been really very pleased to receive a copy of Voice of Hope. He’s put it by his bed and wants to read the Be Still & Know devotionals written by Dr Micha Jazz every evening to help get back into the habit of regular Bible reading. It’s been an encouragement to him.

A mum from Surrey

Voice of Hope is a lovely devotional; the words Micha Jazz writes bring me into a real intimacy with God.

I appreciate his contemplative spirituality.

I realise the reason I can get Voice of Hope is because people support Premier financially. I can’t thank you enough for this, and encourage others to support Premier regularly, so that this type of ministry can continue and bless others.

Julia, Gloucester

Each quarter Premier publishes Voice of Hope, which include 65 days of scripturebased devotionals written by Dr Micha Jazz. Unlike most other printed or broadcast Christian devotionals, Micha Jazz shares openly about the heartbreak and disappointment he has experienced which have gone on to shape and deepen his faith in Christ. Many listeners and readers have told us how helpful, refreshing and real his approach is. These devotionals are also available in email-format, podcasts, a ‘best-of’ 365 Be Still & Know book and are also broadcast each weekday on Premier Christian Radio and Premier Praise! For details on how to donate to Premier, click here

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