Your Premier

Your Premier is a chance to hear the testimonies of Premier listeners and share stories of God’s faithfulness; from dramatic tales of God’s rescue in times of darkness and helplessness, to simple stories of God’s peace and provision.

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In the summer of 1996, Andrew was taking a shower when he suddenly heard a voice. Andrew believes that on that day he received a prophetic message, and that message has stuck with him ever since.  More

84 year old Fran has been through a lot. She lived through the London Blitz, experienced a shocking bereavement, suffered with depression and bipolar for many years, and more recently has been battling... More

John and Giuliana met many years ago when Giuliana was only 16 years old and they soon began dating. But it wasn’t until they were married that Giuliana realised there were issues from John’s past that... More

In 2012 Rosamunde received the most shocking news. Her daughter who was living overseas, had been secretly battling cancer. More

For the first 55 years of his life John was not at all interested in God.  More

If there was an award for 'Premier's Biggest Fan' 80 year old Stuart Sutcliffe would definitely be a nominee. More

A few years ago Hazel’s world came crashing down when she lost her dream job and found herself in a place of depression and darkness.  More

Ruth was born with cerebral palsy. She is wheelchair bound and lives alone, unable to venture out of the house very often apart from on Sunday mornings when she worships at her local church. Here Ruth... More

Alistair grew up in Northern Ireland where he was exposed to God and the church but hearing about Christianity never developed into him having a real personal faith.   More

I was brought up in a Jewish household. As a family we used to read the Seder every morning, we went to the synagogue regularly and I had my Bar Mitzvah at the age of 15. More