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Premier is here for you

Over 120,000 daily readers of your dedicated Daily Voice of Hope and over 2.7million email messages to our readers.


In 2020

Premier listeners are up by 50%



Each month, we receive over 150 prayers


News subscribers

Over 30,000 readers for our Daily News bulletin.

In 2020… 

  • Our listeners were up by 50%  
  • Received over 150 Prayers a month 

Thanks to your amazing support in 2019/20 we have been able to create a positive impact in the hearts of Christian communities daily. 

At Premier we are committed to being accountable and transparent to the public and to our stakeholders by sharing facts, figures and what we have achieved in the past year. Our Annual Report plays an important role in relaying that information. It also shows you where our funding comes from and how we put it to work. We hope that from our report it makes clear the huge impact your gifts and prayers are having as they enable and encourage us to follow Jesus where the need is greatest.  

Read our 2018/20 Impact report here 

We strive to continually strengthen our accountability practice and how we share information, so please do contact us  if you have any questions or suggestions. 

Annual Report 2018-2020.

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