Phillip Schofield 'antagonised God' by attacking Christian views on sexuality

Wed 13 Dec 2017
By Alex Williams

Phillip Schofield showed "antagonism against God" when he labelled traditional Christian views concerning sexuality "abhorrent" on national television, it has been claimed.

A Christian campaigner has spoken with Premier one month since she engaged with the broadcaster in a fierce interview on ITV's This Morning which became side-tracked by the topic of homosexuality.

Andrea Williams told Premier: "He really felt that he could get away with speaking like that to me and I don't think he really realised what he was doing - because it's such antagonism against God.



"That's why it's our job as the Church to find our voice, to speak the truth in the public space."

Mrs Williams agreed to appear opposite Mr Schofield and co-presenter Holly Willoughby on 13th November to discuss the case of a Christian teacher who was suspended after being accused of addressing a pupil by the wrong gender.

The topic of debate shifted to homosexuality when Mr Schofield asked Mrs Williams whether she would encourage someone identifying as homosexual to seek help.



Mrs Williams answered: "Very often when we see children identifying as homosexual, it is not good for them to live out in such a lifestyle.

"It's not good for our children to be highly sexualised."

Philip Schofield said he found the conversation "utterly abhorrent" and finished the segment by stating the show would be returning to 2017 rather than "medieval Britain".

Commenting on the interview Mrs Williams said Phillip Schofield was "on the offensive" during the interview and his behaviour was "very sad".

Asked whether she regretted appearing on the programme, Mrs Williams answered: "I don't regret it all.

"I sought to speak truth and I do believe that's what I was seeking to do.

"I don't regret being there, not at all."

The teacher, 27-year-old Joshua Sutcliffe from Oxford, has been accused of referring to a female-born student as a girl even though the pupils identifies themselves as a boy.

Mr Sutcliffe has since decided to take legal action against the unnamed school, claiming he's suffered religious discrimination.

Click here to listen to Premier's Alex Williams speaking with Andrea Williams:

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